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Committee Vacancies
Council positions for election

Council positions for election

Positions on Council are nominated and elected by the Fellowship and bring with them the responsibilities of a Trustee of the Society. Elections take place in June at the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

Details of Council positions open for election in June 2017, together with guidance from the Council for nominees and proposers can be found below in the PDF. Guidance more generally on the role and responsibilities of charity trustees can be found here.

It is normally expected that Council members will also serve on (and chair in the case of Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer and Regions Councillor) the Committee of Council relevant to the position to which they have been elected. Only Fellows of the Society may stand for positions on Council and only Fellows may propose candidates for election (this includes Postgraduate Fellows).

If you wish to stand for election to the Council, you should be able to demonstrate: a good working knowledge of the Society; understanding and support for its breadth of activities and audiences; and experience and seniority relevant to the position that you are standing for.  Each position also requires a sound working knowledge, as appropriate, of geographical education, expeditions and fieldwork, research and higher education. In addition, the Council has provided guidance to nominees and proposers on the skills, expertise and experience that it feels would be most helpful at the present time. Details are in the PDF. It is not a requirement that nominees fill identified skills gaps but it is highly desirable.

In terms of time commitment, you must be available to read papers for, and attend, three Council meetings per year and at least two Committee meetings per year. If you wish to stand for a position in the Research and Higher Education Division, you must also currently hold a related post in a further or higher education institution, or be a person of similar standing.

Positions on Council for election in June 2017 – Guidance for Fellows (PDF)

Nomination process

Nominees should:

  • Indicate the position for which they are standing. Candidates are only able to stand for one position
  • Provide their Fellowship number
  • Provide a maximum 150 word summary note that will accompany the ballot papers; 75 words to be given over to biographical details, and up to a further 75 words can be used to demonstrate how you meet the skills and expertise the Council feels would be most helpful for that position. If the word length exceeds this, only the first 150 words will be included. One link to a website may be added if desired
  • Include the names of 5 proposing Fellows
  • Download, complete and submit the trustee eligibility form available here

Proposing Fellows should send separately the following information to the Director:

  • Their own Fellowship number
  • The name of the Fellow they are nominating and for which position on the Council
  • A brief summary of why the candidate is considered suitable by them, for the chosen position, including how they meet the skills and expertise gaps most helpful to fill
    Proposers may only support one candidate for any single position.

All nominations should be sent to the Director, preferably via email: director@rgs.org
The deadline is Friday 31 March 2017 at 9.00am. Please contact the Director's Office with any queries.

Nominations are invited from Fellows for the following positions to be elected in June 2017

All positions are for three years unless stated otherwise.


  • Councillor

Expeditions and Fieldwork

  • Vice-President
  • Councillor


  • Honorary Treasurer


  • Regions representative on Council

Research and Higher Education

  • Honorary Secretary
  • Chair of Annual Conference for 2018 (one year position on Council)
  • Councillor
Send email to
Director's Office

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