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Royal Geographical Society (with IBG): the heart of geography
Society staff

Society staff

Society staff

Director and Secretary

  • Dr Rita Gardner CBE

Director's Office

  • Executive Assistant: Emma Neave 
  • Director's Office Assistant: Alexandra Bishop

Development Office

  • Fundraising Officer: Luke Smith

email development@rgs.org


Public engagement and communications

  • Head of Public Engagement and Communications: Athol Hendry

Programmes and events

  • Programmes Manager: Joy Hayward
  • Programmes Officer: Louise Norris
  • Programmes Administrative Assistant: Esther Batterham

email events@rgs.org

Public engagement projects

  • 21st Century Challenges Project Coordinator: Amy Lothian

email 21cc@rgs.org

  • Discovering Britain Project Manager: Caroline Millar
  • Discovering Britain Project Officer: Rory Walsh

email discoveringbritain@rgs.org

Website - www.rgs.org

  • Website Editor: Adarsh Muppane

email webmaster@rgs.org

Press and media

  • Communications and Media Officer: Scott Edwards

email press@rgs.org


Education and outdoor learning

  • Head of Education and Outdoor Learning: Steve Brace


  • Manager: Educational Professional Support: Claire Brown
  • Writer: Educational Resources: Chloe Searl

email education@rgs.org

email cgeogteacher@rgs.org

email gin@rgs.org

  • Coordinator: Ambassadors Programme: Simon Faulkner
  • Education Assistant: Maryam Sharif-Draper

email ambassadors@rgs.org

email education@rgs.org

Rediscovering London's Geography

  • Project Coordinator: Bryony Collins
  • Administrative Assistant: Esther Batterham
  • Administrative Assistant: Laura Price

Geography Outdoors: the centre supporting field research, exploration and outdoor learning

  • Geography Outdoors Manager: Shane Winser
  • Administration Officer: Ant Sahota

email go@rgs.org

Learning & Leading

  • Project Coordinator: Charlie Eustace

email landl@rgs.org


Enterprise and resources

  • Head of Enterprise and Resources: Alasdair Macleod
  • Enterprises Executive: Christine James  
  • Collections and Enterprise Assistant: Julie Cole

Foyle Reading Room

  • Principal Librarian: Eugene Rae
  • Deputy Librarian: Janet Turner
  • Map Librarian: David McNeill
  • Information Officer - Library: Julie Carrington
  • Information Officer - Photographs: Joy Wheeler

email enquiries@rgs.org

Picture Library

  • Picture Library Sales Manager: Jamie Owen

email images@rgs.org


Research and Higher Education (RHED)

  • Head of Research and Higher Education: Dr Catherine Souch

RHED Office

  • Professional Officer - Conference and Research Groups: Dr Stephanie Wyse
  • Administrative Officer - Professional: Lucy Allen

email rhed@rgs.org


  • Grants Officer: Juliette Scull

email grants@rgs.org

Scholarly journals

  • Managing Editor Journals: Fiona Nash

email journals@rgs.org


Finance and services

  • Head of Finance and Services: Neil Thomas


  • Accounts Assistant: Louise Buckley

Membership Office

  • Membership Office Manager: Tom McEnroe
  • Membership Office Assistant Manager: Gabriella Marques
  • Membership Assistant: Rachel Taylor
  • Membership Assistant: Prue Seelig

email membership@rgs.org

Membership Development

  • Membership Recruitment Coordinator: Jenna Collins

Information Technology (IT)

  • IT Manager: Dominic Estall
  • Database Administrator: Robert Turner

House Office and lettings

  • Business Development Manager: Luciano Figueira
  • Audio Visual Technician: Rowan Bishop
  • Front of House: Annette McCormack
  • Reception: Taslima Ferdous
  • Caretaker: David Childs

email venuehire@rgs.org

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