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Guidance on Fellowship eligibility


Application for Fellowship is open to anyone, based in the UK or overseas, over the age of 21 who can demonstrate that they bring sufficient geographical or similar expertise to the Society.

Knowledge and involvement may come from an academic or professional background, or from a well-developed enthusiasm for geography.

Ideally, candidates should be proposed (and seconded) by existing Fellow(s), unless applicants hold teaching or research positions in departments of geography or equivalent in higher education, in which case a proposer is not required. Overseas applicants do not require a seconder.

Guidance for those proposing Fellows

Existing Fellows wishing to recommend applicants should be willing to state in what capacity the candidate meets the eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility criteria


Applicants should hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree qualification in the UK, or equivalent from universities elsewhere in the world, in geography or in allied disciplines that concern the understanding of environmental, economic and/or societal processes in the world, or that make significant use of spatial information. Examples include: area studies; climatology; conservation and ecology; countryside management; development studies; earth science; environmental archaeology; environmental law; environmental management; environmental science; geographical information science; humanities; hydrology; international studies; oceanography; planning; regional science; social policy; social science; surveying; and transport studies.


Applicants whose occupation makes substantial use of geographical knowledge, understanding, skills and information in policy, planning, decision-making. Examples include: conservation; education; environmental and geomorphological consultancy and services; estate management and agriculture; geoscience; GIS and cartography; international development; meteorology; natural resource management; navigation; planning; retail and utilities management; surveying; transportation, travel and tourism; and relevant aspects of politics and the civil, diplomatic and military services.


Applicants should demonstrate appropriate relevance to advancement in knowledge or understanding within the sphere of geography and related disciplines, regardless of the location, the spatial scale and the specific mode (archive, desk, expedition, field, laboratory, space) of the research or exploration endeavour, available to others as publications or as unpublished reports.


Applicants who have produced publications of merit that disseminate advances in geographical knowledge and understanding, that increase access to geographical knowledge in education, or that raise knowledgeable enthusiasm and awareness of geographical issues and the world among the wider public. Examples include: scientific papers, scholarly books, educational books, high quality travel books, substantial reports contributing to knowledge including expedition reports, media articles of a high geographical content, the preparation of exceptional geographical websites and lecture series may be considered.

Work of a similar nature

Geographical endeavour is not restricted to only the categories above and applicants who can convincingly demonstrate a sufficient involvement in geography.

For further advice on being proposed as a Fellow please call +44 (0)20 7591 3080 or refer to the Application Form.

Send email to
· Membership Office or call + 44 (0)20 7591 3080

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