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Schools Membership

Become a Schools Member of the RGS-IBG and gain access to our dedicated teaching resources website Geography in the News.

Benefits of School Membership:

  • Attend, or view online, subject update CPD, study days, lectures and debates
  • Access over 2,000 webpages of resources linked to curriculum and examination requirements
  • Become involved in our on-going curriculum, fieldwork and transition projects
  • Receive up to 20% discounts on our CPD courses and events - including 21st Century Challenge events, Philip’s Atlases and the Geographical Magazine

Additional individual benefits for you and your colleagues include:

Plus access to Geography in the News

At the heart of membership is online access to Geography in the News, which provides:

  • Over 150+ in-depth case studies providing geographical interpretation to contemporary news stories and the key issues discussed in the 21st Century Challenges debate series. Linked to KS3, GCSE, IB and AS/A2, these subject update case studies can be incorporated into your schemes of work and also provide ideal materials for your students to ‘read around’ their subject
  • Online interviews, lectures - including online access to the Society's Monday Night lectures- and research articles that will allow your students to learn from some of Britain’s leading geographical experts. These experts discuss their new research relevant to key geographical topics such as climate change, globalisation, migration and ecosystems

“The up-to-date case studies really help us and the new KS3 versions are a great idea. Our students going to university benefit from being stretched by the research articles and interviews”, Simon Oakes, teacher and a regular user of Geography in the News.

Please note that attendance at the Society's Monday Night and City lectures is a benefit only for individual members, not group members such as School Members. If you, your teaching colleagues or students would like to attend the Monday Night or City lectures we recommend that you join as either a Fellow or a Young Geographer.

Apply now

Simply complete an application form, and return your payment to the Education Department at RGS-IBG, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR.


    Annual membership costs £80

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