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Royal Geographical Society (with IBG): the heart of geography
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Why should I join?

Why should I join?

Find out why over 15,500 people from across the world have joined the Society.

Some members join the Society because they are curious about the world around them. Some join to further their careers, whether through accreditation or accessing our resources. Some join to stay connected to geography and support our charitable work

Our Fellows and members join for a variety of reasons but are united by a love for geography. If you are passionate about geography, whether through a love of meaningful travel, using geography in your career or through your studies, then you are welcome at the Society.

“The reason that I joined was a feeling that I needed to – wanted to – contribute and be part of the broad community of people interested in geography”

Benefits of joining

  • Connect with the community of geographers attending talks, exhibitions and events across the UK
  • Attend our Monday Night lectures, or watch high-quality recordings online
  • Receive third party discounts with Cotswold Outdoor and Stanfords stores and online
  • Many more benefits available depending on which membership category you choose. Follow the links below to see a full list for each category.

Supporting the Society

Our Fellows and members play a vital role in the Society’s work to advance geography and enable us to achieve so much more thanks to their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. People join the Society because they care about geography, and we hope you will join us too.

“By being a member, you can participate in the geography community and feel part of the conversations that are shaping what geography is, and what it will be.”

Our Fellows and members are diverse; they come from all walks of life, from all over the world. Our youngest members are 14, and our oldest is 109. There is no ‘typical’ member that makes up our 15,500-strong community.

“There is something special about the people you meet and the connections you can make”


Membership categories

For those aged 21 or over, who have a sufficient involvement in geography (or related subject) through work or education. Find out more

Postgraduate Fellowship
For those currently studying geography (or allied subject) as a postgraduate. Find out more

Ordinary Membership
For anyone with an enthusiasm for the world's people, places and environments. Find out more

Young Geographer
For those aged 14-24 or those studying geography at either GCSE, A level or as an undergraduate. Find out more

School membership
Organisational membership for schools. Find out more

Corporate membership
Organisational membership for companies. Find out more

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