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10.12.09 - Arctic website puts pupils in 'pole' position to study environmental change (PDF)

Discovering the Arctic, a new website featuring a unique collection of videos, photographs and resources about the region will put GCSE-level students in ‘pole’ position to study the worldwide implications of changes to its environment and peoples.

10.12.09 - Atlantic Rising expedition links schools from Scotland to Senegal (PDF)

Atlantic Rising, the 2009 recipients of the ‘Go Beyond’ Bursary, awarded annually by the Society and Land Rover, are four months into their expedition of approximately 32,000km, through 31 countries, to raise awareness of the potential impacts of climate change along the Atlantic coast.

13.11.09 - Michael Palin invites next generation to Explore geography (PDF)

Society President Michael Palin met a new generation of geographers in London to launch ‘Explore 2009’, the field research and expedition planning event of the year, taking place at the Society from 13-15 November.

05.11.09 - Wired up for the future? (PDF)

The Society's exciting public discussion series, 21st Century Challenges, continued on Tuesday 1 December with Digital Divide in the UK? featuring Martha Lane Fox, Professor Tanya Byron and BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones.

12.10.09 - Hidden Histories reveals forgotten faces of exploration (PDF)

Funded by the Arts and Humanties Research Council, Hidden Histories of Exploration draws on the vast resources of one of the world’s most extensive geographical collections, piecing together the fragmented stories of unsung heroes who lent vital expertise to historical expeditions to places like Africa, the Far East, the Arctic and the Amazon.

28.08.09 - North-East drinkers are biggest bingers (PDF)

New research on binge drinking in England shows a marked North-South divide, with women in the North-East three times more likely to be binge drinkers than their counterparts in London.

27.08.09 - Impact of Hull floods still felt two years later (PDF)

Research shows how people flooded out of their homes in Hull more than two years ago are still suffering from the impacts of long-term stress. Many still remain in temporary accommodation.

27.08.09 - Regeneration schemes failing to benefit poor (PDF)

Explains why Manchester and Preston have seen improvements to inner city areas, whilst places like Blackpool and Burnley have struggled. Even where things are improving the poor do not benefit.

27.08.09 - Pittas versus poppadoms on Manchester’s ‘curry mile' (PDF)

According to research, Manchester’s famous curry mile could eventually be known as the felafel mile

26.08.09 - UK financial exclusion gap widens (PDF)

Research shows that more people are turning to alternative ‘non-profit’ lenders rather than traditional banks.

26.08.09 - Consumers don’t understand carbon labelling (PDF)

Research shows that customers are sceptical of the benefits –  a family would need to make at least 32 years of daily purchases of ‘lower-carbon’ juice to ‘save’ the same carbon as their annual holiday by plane

26.08.09 - Ethnic communities becoming less segregated (PDF)

Researchers have concluded that Asian and Black families, and those in mixed marriages, are more likely to move to less-deprived and more “diverse” areas within Britain

26.08.09 - Investment not recession sees falling car use (PDF)

Dr Chatterjee has found that car use is falling across the country. In places like Manchester and Nottingham, this is due to investment in trams and buses, not the credit crunch.

26.08.09 - Travel agents need to promote ‘slow’ holidays (PDF)

Despite a 4% increase in the number of holidays to Europe by train since 2004, Dr Dickinson has found that people are being put off from choosing train over plane travel because of how difficult it is to make bookings and get help from travel agents

26.08.09 - Transport sector must ‘pull its weight’ to cut emissions (PDF)

Researchers contradict a statement made last week by Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis, who said that emissions could be radically cut without people having to make changes to how they travel. Dr Anable shows that the energy infrastructure required to generate enough zero or low-carbon electricity to power electric cars on existing patterns would not be practical.

21.08.09 - 'Dark microbes’ accelerate glacial melt (PDF)

Trillions of dark micro-organisms released from glaciers when they melt every summer can encourage ice surface melt by up to one metre per year, new field-research part-funded by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) has found.

11.08.09 - Fly sky-high at street-level with Britain from the Air (PDF)

A new partnership between the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and Wecommunic8 will create ‘Britain from the Air’, an amazing new street gallery exhibition of more than 100 large scale dramatic photographs celebrating the awe-inspiring landscapes that form the ever-changing face of the United Kingdom.

10.08.09 - Expedition spreads word of climate change to 10,000 Atlantic School children (PDF)

A team of three graduates have received a Land Rover Defender 110 and cheque for£10,000, at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in London, to embark on anexpedition of approximately 32,000km , through 31 countries, to raise awareness ofthe potential impacts of climate change along the Atlantic coastline.

11.06.09 - Grey gold mine or ticking time-bomb? The challenges and opportunities of Britain’s ageing society (PDF)

Will a visibly ageing population bring the benefits of experience, expertise and creativity, or prove a financial and social burden the UK is simply not equipped to bear? With the baby boom generation retiring in a Britain left reeling from the impact of the global economic crisis, this is the focus of the latest debate of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s flagship “21st Century Challenges” public engagement series.

08.06.09 - Photographers venture off the beaten track to bring Australia’s ‘Hidden…Outback’ to the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) (PDF)

A photographic exhibition that takes a less well-travelled route through Australia’s Northern Territory will bring the ‘Hidden Outback’ to the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) this month.

04.06.09 - Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) announces annual Royal medal and award recipients: Lord Nicholas Stern and Simon King amongst those honoured (PDF)

Climate change expert Lord Nicolas Stern, television presenter Neil Oliver, natural history cinematographer Simon King and University of Cambridge don Dr Alan Baker, were among those awarded medals and awards for outstanding contributions to geography at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG’s) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

04.06.09 - Michael Palin announced as new President of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) (PDF)

Michael Palin CBE has been elected President of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) at the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), taking place today (Monday 01 June 2009, 4pm). Michael, who was elected unopposed for a three year term, takes over from Professor Sir Gordon Conway in this role as the Society’s figurehead and chair of its elected trustees.

18.05.09 - Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Special General Meeting: Result of Resolution Vote (PDF)

Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) have voted decisively to support the Society’s present policy of funding a wide range of research projects and scientific expeditions studying important contemporary issues in many different places across the world.

30.04.09 - RGS-IBG wards fieldwork apprenticeships to first five students (PDF)

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is pleased to announce the first five recipients of its Learning and Leading undergraduate fieldwork apprenticeships today.

27.04.09 - Can or should we geo-engineer our climate? Big thinkers debating big challenges at the RGS-IBG (PDF)

Is it too late to change behaviour to halt dangerous levels of climate change? If so, can we slow climate change by placing mirrors in space or filling our oceans with iron filings? If these appear too much like science fiction, would simply painting roofs white work by reflecting sunlight? Or, as some argue, would we end up doing more harm than good? Does this deflect attention away from an urgent need to alter behaviour and reduce emissions in the first place?

31.03.09 - Lord Stern launches his “Blueprint for a Safer Planet” at the RGS-IBG (PDF)

Lord Nicholas Stern will tomorrow address an audience of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in London as he launches his new “Blueprint for a Safer Planet”, outlining the actions he believes are required of today’s generation to ensure the continued existence of the human race.

18.03.09 - Antarctic wilderness through the eyes of Shackleton’s endurance (PDF)

At a time of high attention on changes to Antarctic glaciers as an indicator of human-induced climate change, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) this month provides a rare chance for members of the public to view dramatic collection of images which amply demonstrate the majestic power and backdrop of the Antarctic landscape.

16.03.09 - What future for Capitalism? Big thinkers debating the big challenge at the RGS-IBG (PDF)

Will the current financial crisis and economic downturn change the shape of capitalism as we know it? Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable MP and the editor-in-chief of the Economist, John Micklethwait will bring their own ‘big thinking’ to the debate in an attempt to answer this and other questions on the economic challenges we face at an event being held by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) tomorrow evening (17 March 2009, 7.00pm).

20.02.09 - RGS-IBG concern over primary school learning study conclusions (PDF)

A review of Primary School learning by Cambridge University published today (Friday 20 February 2009) has concluded that subjects including geography are being pushed aside at the expense of a focus on targets for literacy and numeracy.

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