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Application criteria

Every applicant must have a combination of training and/or professional experience before they are eligible to apply for Chartered Geographer status.

Applications must meet the following criteria before Chartered Geographer (CGeog) status can be awarded:

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  • You must hold an honours degree or BEd in Geography or a related subject, plus a minimum of six years full time professional experience in using geographical knowledge, skills and understanding in the workplace
  • Or have 10 - 15 years of geographical experience (at the discretion of the assessment panel)
  • You must clearly demonstrate that you are undertaking a range of geographical continuing professional development (CPD) activities and commitment to future CPD, for example; conference attendance, internal or external training courses, mentoring. Find out more about CPD.
  • You must be a Fellow of the RGS-IBG. This can be applied for at the same time as Chartered Geographer, and is included in the application document.
  • The requirements for validation must be specifically addressed, and you should justify in the professional self-evaluation why you want to become a CGeog (please see assessment panel guidance for more specific criteria)

Four post nominals have also been approved for usage recognising some of the different sub disciplines within geography: CGeog (Econ); CGeog (Geomorph); CGeog (GIS); CGeog (Teacher). The application process for all CGeog post-nominals is exactly the same but you must state from the outset which post-nominal you would like, as you will be assessed accordingly. If you are thinking of applying for CGeog (Teacher) please see the separate pages.

Further guidance on the requirements:

If you are not sure about your eligibility, please contact the Professional Officer attaching a copy of your CV for impartial advice. 

Framework of competencies

The Society has developed a framework of competencies to assist those looking to apply for Chartered Geographer status, in line with other equivalent professional accreditations. It is intended to assist individuals understand both how geographical knowledge, skills and understanding are applied in the workplace, and the range of evidence to include in applications. Some organisations may also want to use the framework within internal development structures.


Those who are successful with their application for Chartered Geographer status will normally have been able to provide evidence of their abilities and achievements in each of the following four competencies:

  • Apply geographical skills, knowledge and understanding. This competency group focuses on how you use your geographical skills and knowledge in your work. Evidence may include collecting, analysing, and evaluating information to complete projects or solve problems within your area of expertise.
  • Innovate. This competency group centres on how you work creatively and independently. Evidence may include assessing and identifying new business opportunities, and developing and improving systems, technologies, methods or techniques. 
  • Act professionally. This competency group concentrates on how you are a successful and ethical professional. Evidence may include planning projects to meet deadlines, effectively leading and working within a team, complying with standards, and maintaining continuing professional development.
  • Communicate and influence. This competency group concerns how you communicate your work to other people, and how you positively influence colleagues, clients and other organisations. Evidence may include sharing geographical knowledge, promoting the benefits of a geographical approach, and supporting the development of colleagues.

View the full framework of competencies for Chartered Geographer (PDF)

This framework has been developed through consultation with representatives from a number of organisations, initially with the consultancy firm Atkins.


Maintaining chartered status

Once Chartered Geographer status has been awarded it is renewed annually, subject to the following requirements: 

  • Continuing professional development (CPD) must be maintained: a suitable CPD log of 35 hours (20 external and 15 internal) has to be submitted every year
  • Annual fee of £20 for CGeog and an annual fee for Fellowship of the Society must be paid

If you do not renew your subscription and submit a suitable CPD record then your Chartered Geographer status will be withdrawn.

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