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Why become a CGeog (Teacher)?
What are the criteria?
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How to apply

The application process to become a Chartered Geographer (Teacher) is extremely straightforward.

Information on applying

For a list of requirements for validation as a Chartered Geographer (Teacher) and other information pertaining to the award please refer to the 'What are the criteria?' page. Applications via email are welcomed but must include scanned signatures.

Application checklist

  • Completed and signed CGeog (Teacher) application form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Professional Self Evaluation Report (approx 1,000 words)
  • Contact details of two referees
  • Supporting documents – optional
  • Record of Continuing Professional Development for whole career - recommended
  • Application for Fellowship of RGS-IBG (if applicable)
  • CGeog (Teacher) application and Fellowship fees

What fees will I need to pay to become a Chartered Geographer (Teacher)?

If you are not already a Fellow of RGS-IBG you will become one at the time of your application. Annual Fellowship of the Society currently costs £107 (2017 price). If you are already a Fellow of RGS-IBG you need only supply the £50 fee to cover your application.

You will need to pay a £50 non-refundable application fee when submitting your forms for Chartered Geographer (Teacher) status. Once you have become a Chartered Geographer (Teacher) you will be asked to pay an annual administration fee of £20 to maintain the accreditation. This fee will be automatically added to your annual Fellowship subscription invoice. Once accredited, the overall cost of maintaining your Chartered Geographer (Teacher) status is £127 per year- around £2.50 per week. This will include your annual Fellowship of the Society.

Do I get any discounts if my school or college is a Schools Member of the RGS-IBG?

If your school is a current Schools Member of the Society and all membership fees are up to date we will waive the £50 application fee for any members of your department who wish to apply for CGeog (Teacher). However these candidates will still need to become Fellows of the Society if they are not already.

When can I apply and how long will it take?

It takes approximately 12 weeks for an initial outcome to be reached depending on the nature of the application. Applications may be submitted at any point throughout the year. Council meeting approvals take place in April, June, September and December.

Example Professional Self Evaluation Reports (PSER)

  1. Example PSER 1 (PDF)
  2. Example PSER 2 (PDF)
  3. Example PSER 3 (PDF)
  4. Example PSER 4 (PDF)
  5. Example PSER 5 (PDF)
  6. Example PSER 6 (PDF)

Tips for a successful application

  • Expect that our assessors will come back to you for further clarification on some items; this happens in most cases and shows the stringency of our assessment with regards to the requirements
  • Try not to send documents which have clearly been used for applications for other things and which are not directly focussed on the CGeog application
  • Padding out the application with supplementary material (for example, classroom units of work, OFSTED comments) which only demonstrate that you are successfully fulfilling responsibilities in a job for which you are already being paid will not help your application in any way
  • Writing a personal statement which is simply an expression of enthusiasm for geography is not enough; the statement needs to focus on why you wish to be a Chartered Geographer and how your track record is relevant to the requirements (particularly section five in the requirements document)
  • Information about travel and hobbies is not appropriate
  • Ensure at least one reference will refer to your work in geography beyond your immediate school context
  • Include evidence of how you have ‘gone the extra mile’ for geography in situations beyond your school (for example, published articles and books, the leading of local meetings, initiation of new projects, committee work for RGS-IBG/GA etc.) 
  • End with a statement of how you think that the CGeog award will be useful to you in the future
  • Describe a range of activities in detail, particularly those which show you are having an impact in the wider geographical community
  • Prove that you are advancing geography above and beyond your job description and everyday work requirements
  • There is no need to mention your school/university education in your Professional Self Evaluation Report; details of this in your CV will suffice
  • Please do not hesitate to email your application through to c.brown@rgs.org for Claire to read through and offer feedback before final submission
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