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Why become a CGeog (Teacher)?
What are the criteria?
Regional CPD opportunities
CPD advice and guidance
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Why become a CGeog (Teacher)?

RGS-IBG is enhancing the development of individual teachers by recognising subject focused advancement and standards through our accreditation for geography teachers, Chartered Geographer (Teacher).

Are you:

  • A member of a department that is keen to share ideas, resources and training?
  • Looking to move up the career ladder in the next few years or have your hard work within the teaching profession acknowledged?
  • Committed to your own Continuing Professional Development?
  • Interested in getting CPD that is free, local and not during school hours?

Chartered Geographer (Teacher) is available to teachers who can demonstrate competence, experience and professionalism in the use of geographical knowledge or skills in and out of the classroom, and who are committed to maintaining their professional standards through ongoing continuing professional development (CPD).

"CGeog is a qualification which spurs you on to improve your own professional development, and maintain the curiosity about the subject. Teachers should also be learners, and CGeog provides a framework for that process, as well as recognition when it is achieved." - Alan Parkinson, CGeog (Teacher).

"Going through the CGeog process is a very beneficial experience. It allows you to reflect on the work that you have done and are doing and allows you to think about where you want to develop next. It is an excellent CPD activity in its own right!" - Jonathan Powell, CGeog (Teacher).

What are the benefits of becoming a Chartered Geographer (Teacher)?

  • Chartered Geographer (Teacher) is relevant to a variety of professional and occupational standards for teachers
  • It can support your application for a leadership or Advanced Teacher role
  • Shows that you are committed to geography beyond your specific teaching responsibilities by recognising your ongoing contribution to teaching and learning and the wider discipline
  • Demonstrates that you wish to maintain your professional standards through continually developing your geographical skills and knowledge
  • Enhances your career portfolio and employability
  • Provides access to regional continuing professional development (CPD) and mentoring opportunities
  • Proves your commitment to the professionalism of the discipline by using CGeog (Teacher) after your name
  • As a Chartered Geographer (Teacher) you will be selecting and undertaking your own annual programme of CPD
  • Uses a wide range of CPD activities as evidence, including those that you currently undertake such as working with examination boards
  • You can, if you wish, become a mentor for teachers thinking of becoming a Chartered Geographer (Teacher) in the future

There are several ways in which Chartered Geographer (Teacher) can be used to support the Ofsted Self Evaluation, read more.

If you are teaching in a Humanities College and are thinking about becoming a CGeog (Teacher), using examples presented in your Specialism bid may enhance your CGeog application and give you some ideas as to the sort of evidence you should be supplying. When using Geography as one of your target-setting subjects you are asked to present evidence that you are doing certain activities within your department. Many of these could link across to your CGeog (Teacher) application, read more.

If you are thinking of applying for, or already have, a Primary or Secondary Geography Quality Mark in your school, there are many ways that the application process can support your CGeog (Teacher) application, read more.

"I was able to use the CGeog (Teacher) accreditation in the Secondary Quality Mark award, which we were successful in gaining" - Paul Hunt, CGeog (Teacher).

CGeog (Teacher) info sheet PDF
CGeog (Teacher) flyer PDF

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