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Chartered Geographers

There are currently more than 450 Chartered Geographers, ranging from academics, teachers, GI Scientists, conservationists, planners, surveyors, environmental and economic consultants, civil servants, military personnel and others. More than 10% of CGeogs are from outside the UK.

New Chartered Geographers

We would like to congratulate and welcome the following people:

Chartered Geographer »

  • December 2014: Naomi Ang (GIS), Julie Butcher (Teacher), Rebecca Choi (Geomorph), Alex Coomer (GIS), Nathan Fionda (GIS), John Haslam (Teacher), Paula Owens, Damien Robinson (GIS), Heather Smith, Laura Stone (Teacher), Wendy Williamson and Kate Willison (GIS) 
  • October 2014: Anthony Giles (GIS), Chitta Gupta (GIS), Graham Hinchliffe (GIS), Jonathan Pickstone (Econ) and Anthony Rogers (Teacher)
  • June 2014: Therese Andrews (Teacher), Brendan Conway (Teacher), Lynne Griffiths (GIS), Daniel Hale, Kathryn Kimball (Geomorph), Adrian Kitsell, Jamie Nunn (GIS), Nicholas Roe (Teacher) and Dinesh Sharma (GIS)

Information about current Chartered Geographers

The Society keeps a register of all current Chartered Geographers. This information can be accessed in a number of different formats:

Professional networking 

Chartered Geographers can network with each other by joining the CGeog group on LinkedIn (view guidance on using LinkedIn (PDF)).

If you need some more work experience before you are eligible to apply or are currently working on your CGeog application, then you can request to join the working towards Chartered Geographer LinkedIn group to network with others in a similar position.


There are two upcoming networking events for Chartered Geographers and anyone interested in learning more about the accreditation:

  • 15 April 2015 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm, at the University of Leeds - more information (PDF)
  • 9 November 2015 from 5.30pm, at the Society in London

Please contact the Professional Officer if you wish to attend either event.

These dates, and other networking opportunities, are also listed under Chartered Geographer events.

Internet links
Chartered Geographer LinkedIn group

Working towards Chartered Geographer LinkedIn group

Biographies (PDF)

Register of Chartered Geographers (PDF)

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