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Chartered Geographer mentoring network

The Chartered Geographer mentoring network launched in March 2017. Its primary purpose is to support prospective Chartered Geographers, but it is open to all Chartered Geographers interested in being mentored.

Chartered GeographerPurpose and expectations

The mentoring network exists to create a framework for support and guidance; to ensure successful working relationships; to encourage the sharing of skills, ideas and knowledge; and to open up contacts, networks and opportunities. It is also about preparing for and maintaining Chartered Geographer status and professional standards.

Those interested in mentoring or being mentored should submit an application form. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on their level of experience, expertise, ambitions and preferences. A mentoring contract, which both parties must discuss and sign, will be administered by the Professional Officer which will create the basis of the mentoring relationship.

Guidance documents have been developed, written in consultation with the Final Assessment Committee, and benchmarked against other professional accreditations.


Mentors for the Chartered Geographer accreditation are accredited Chartered Geographers.


To be a mentee, candidates must be intending to apply for Chartered Geographer and have either a geography (or related) undergraduate degree and 4 years’ geographical professional experience; or no geography (or related) undergraduate degree and within 3 years’ of applying for Chartered Geographer.

Chartered Geographers interested in being mentored can also apply for more general professional advice and guidance.


To apply, fill out an application form and submit to the Professional Officer at cgeog@rgs.org. Applications will be considered quarterly (end of January, April, July and October)

Mentor application form
Mentee application form
Mentoring activities record template
Guidelines on mentoring
Guidelines on being a mentor
Guidelines on being mentored
Mentoring advice from CGeog Assessors

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