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Professional self-evaluation

The professional self-evaluation (PSE) is the most important part of the application. You should make an explicit case as to why you want to become a Chartered Geographer, and why you should be awarded the status.


Chartered Geographer »The evaluation should:

  • Clearly describe all relevant geographical experience and knowledge
  • Clearly describe how you are applying your geographical knowledge, skills and understanding to your work
  • Show how this constitutes a case for Chartered Geographer
  • Demonstrate that you are advancing geography above and beyond your job description and everyday work requirements
  • Show a commitment to continuing professional development
  • Provide an explicit statement as to why you wish to become a Chartered Geographer
  • State how you will use the post-nominal in the future

Additional requirements

Your evaluation should also abide by the following requirements:

  • Typed
  • Maximum of 1,000 words in length
  • The evaluation should not just be an extension of your CV (such as a chronological explanation of your employment changes) or biographical in style, instead it should be structured to answer the points outlined in the content section above 
  • You should cross-refer to other documents in your application, particularly your CPD record and CV, which should contain factual detail about projects/activities you mention in your evaluation.  
  • Applications that do not mention geography or Chartered Geographer will not be accepted
  • Information about travel and hobbies, not relevant to being recognised for professional achievement, should not be included
  • The use of acronyms (e.g. in technical work/internal projects) should be kept to a minimum (this also applies to the rest of your application)

Examples of professional self-evaluations

For further guidance please contact the Professional Officer.

Send email to
Professional Officer

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