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Geographical skills and knowledge

Geography is the integrated study of the Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments.

Geographical skills and knowledge being used in the workplace © (clockwise from top left) Andy Markham, Paul Clifton, Servel Miller and Tim StottGeographers may specialise in the dynamics of any of these phenomena, from local to global scales across the world, including environmental processes, the relationships between peoples, or between peoples and their physical environments.

As appropriate to the problems they address, their skills may be based in quantitative or qualitative methods in the environmental or social sciences, or in the humanities. Their integrating perspective often provides an effective framework for relating insights and skills from other fields of knowledge to applied problems.

This may occur in many areas of work; in education and training, in research, in the commercial world, including consultancy, in the public sector, charitable organisations, the planning professions and in resource management.

A successful Chartered Geographer will have maintained and demonstrated the application of such insights and skills throughout their professional lives.

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