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How to use our online catalogue
How to use our in-house catalogue

How to use our in-house catalogue

Materials not in our online catalogue are located through our remaining card catalogues.

Library card catalogues

  • Post-1910 authors (monographs)
  • Subject (monographs/periodical articles)
  • Periodicals titles
  • Corporate authors

Map card catalogue

  • Holds post-1940 items

Archive and picture catalogues

  • Mostly online
  • For Antarctic expeditions and Everest pictures, please consult Collections staff


  • Author catalogues are organised alphabetically
  • Corporate author catalogue entries are created when there is no obvious individual author; entries could be the name of a project, expedition or organisation or occasionally a country name
  • Subject/map catalogues are geographical by continent, then country
  • Subject catalogue divides each country into subfields, for example ‘geology’
  • Maps are subdivided:
    • General, ‘Gen.’ or ‘G.’
    • Division or ‘Div.’
    • District, ‘Dist.’ or ‘D.’
    • Special, ‘Spec.’ or ‘S.’


On registration, you will be provided with a general request form.

The fields required are:

  • Control number (only available on online records; write ‘card cat’ here)
  • Class number
  • Author
  • Title (include periodical title/volume/issue/pages here when requesting an article)
  • Publication date/edition

Ensure that you complete all requested fields.

Subject catalogue cards do not include the class number. You must check the main author/periodical title catalogue entries for the class number.

For map class numbers, please state the country, then the map type and number, for example 'Map type G, number U.S.A. G.45'.

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