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Britain from the Air

Primary resources

Key Stage 2 (KS2) Unit of Work: The Geography of Britain:  Exploring Places from Above

This unit is divided into two parts.

Part one: Exploring the Landscapes of Britain

Uses a key selection of Britain from the Air photographs to introduce the geography of Britain.  Children investigate a wide range of and human and natural landscapes across Britain and identify their locations within the UK.

Part two: Viewing Places from Above: Aerial Photography and Maps

Uses a key selection of Britain from the Air photographs to explore the idea of ‘viewing from above’.  Connections are drawn between aerial photographs, plan drawings and (Ordnance Survey) maps in order to introduce and develop mapmaking and map reading skills.  

Parts one and two can also be taught as an individual units. Similarly each part can be adapted to suit the available time frame and a range of extension activities are included in the teacher’s notes.

It is advised that you begin by reading the unit plan and detailed teacher’s notes to make the most of this set of resources.   

Supporting materials

Part one: Exploring the Landscapes of Britain

1. Nine aerial photos (PPT)
2. Nine aerial photos and descriptive words (PPT)
3. Postcard template (PDF)
4. Google Earth: Location map (PPT)
5. Creating placemarks in GE instruction sheet (PDF)
6. The geography of Britain quiz (PPT)

Part two:Viewing Places from Above

1. Nine aerial photos (PPT)
2. Nine aerial photos and ground level photos (PPT)
3. Aerial photography equipment (ppt)
4. Map: Great Britain coastline
5. Map: Great Britain coastline and administrative boundaries
6. Map: UK with borders
7. Ordnance Survey (OS) 1:25000 map extracts corresponding to 9 selected BFA images
a. Bamburgh Castle (MSWORD)
b. Ben Nevis (MSWORD)
c. Chesil Beach (MSWORD)
d. Giant’s Causeway (unavailable)
e. London Eye (MSWORD)
f. Perranporth Beach (MSWORD) 
g. Portmeirion (MSWORD)
h. Port Talbot (MSWORD)
i. Sheffield (MSWORD)
8. OS flashcards (PDF)
9. OS map symbols sheet (PDF)
10. OS flashcard games (PDF)
11. Map reading made 'easy peasy' (PDF) 

Additional materials

1. Key Stage 1-2 resources

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