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Secondary resources - Geography
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Britain from the Air

Secondary resources - Geography

Key Stage 3 (KS3) double lesson: Introducing Britain’s Geography

In this double lesson, aimed at Year 7 or Year 8, students gain a sense of what geography is and what the study of geography can encompass. Through completing various tasks and activities that explore a breadth of human and physical landforms and landscapes across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, students also develop their locational knowledge of the UK.

The lesson is made up three activities. The first of these encourages students to ‘think geographically’ by interpreting the National Curriculum ‘Importance of Geography’ statement using four, personally selected, Britain from the Air photographs.  In the main part of the lesson students are invited to devise a tour for a first-time visitor to the Britain which shows the rich human and physical geography of the UK. The final activity is a visual quiz through which tests and builds students’ knowledge of both key geographical processes and the location of various places and landforms across Britain.

It is advised that you begin by reading the lesson plan and detailed teacher’s notes to make the most of this set of resources. 

Supporting resources

1. ‘Importance of Geography’ statement (PDF)
2. Thinking geographically student worksheet (PDF)
3a. Sheet of 'Britain from the Air' photographs (1-20) (PPT)
3b. Sheet of 'Britain from the Air' photographs (21-40) (PPT)
4. Web diagram template (PDF)
5. Tour guidelines student handout (MSWord)
6. Tour itinerary template (MSWord)
7. Using Google Earth instructions (PDF)
 Map: Great Britain coastline (PDF)
9. Map: UK coastline with administrative boundaries (PDF)
10. Map: UK coastline with borders (PDF)
11. Introducing Britain’s geography quiz (PPT)

Image led ‘drop in’ activities

A selection of short activities that can be incorporated into a range of KS3 geography schemes of work, on topics including coastal processes, glacial landscapes, renewable energy and urban regeneration.

Each ‘drop in’ activity includes:

1. An instruction sheet
2. Downloadable support material (where appropriate)
3. Links to of relevant 'Britain from the Air' images and exhibition panels. 
4. Links to KS3 schemes of work or other related web links

Supporting Resources

1. Coastal Processes (The Needles - Image 11)

1. Instruction sheet (PDF)
2. Coastal processes (PDF)
3. 'Britain from the Air' (BftA) exhibition images (PDF) coming soon
Saltburn cliffs (4)
- The Needles (11)
- Lulworth Cove (12)
- Pagham Spit (14)

2. Coastal Management (Beach reclamation - Image one)

1. Instruction sheet (PDF)
2. BftA exhibition panels
Beach reclamation (1) (PDF)
- Happisburgh (2) (PDF)
- Sandbanks (60) (PDF)

3. Urban Regeneration (Angel of the North - Image 17)

1. Instruction sheet (PDF)
2. BftA exhibition panels
Angel of the North (17) (PDF)
Olympic site (25) (PDF)
- Birmingham canals (56) (PDF)

4. Renewable Energy (Photo icon – 96 Kent wind farm)

1. Instruction sheet (PDF)
2. Wind farm fact sheet (PDF)
3. Wind farm sort cards (PDF)
4. BftA exhibition panels
Kent wind farm (96) (PDF)

5. Flood Risk and Flood Management

1. Instruction sheet (PDF)
2. BftA exhibition panels
- River Dee (3) (PDF)
- Tewkesbury (5) (PDF)

6. The Geography of Britain

1. Instruction sheet (PDF)
2. BftA photos - selection 1 (PPT)

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