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Hidden Journeys

Have you ever found yourself on an airplane gazing out of the cabin window in wonder at the world thousands of feet below?

Hidden Journeys, one of the Society's public engagement projects, will enable you to explore the incredible places you can see from the air as you fly over them.

The Hidden Journeys website has a unique set of functions enabling the user to explore the people and places below several flight-paths at various altitudes.

The flight paths explore the amazing landscapes on routes from Bangkok to Sydney, Vancouver to Los Angeles, Madrid to Rio de Janeiro, and more.

Explore these flight paths with Hidden Journeys.

  • Latest (18.07.13): New Theme added - Coasts. Almost 40% of the world’s population lives within 100km of the coast. Discover how people interact with diverse coastal environments
  • Latest (05.07.13): New Theme added - Dams. Dams are some of the largest man-made structures. Find out how we use these engineering marvels to harness the power of rivers

Waypoints can also be navigated by Theme comparing different geographical features across the world, both natural and man-made, including caves, cities, volcanoes and railways.

New audio slideshows narrated by experts in their field combine stories, music and images giving a new way to explore the world from the air.

Follow Hidden Journeys

You can now keep up with Hidden Journeys on Pinterest and Twitter for the latest news and stunning images from the project. If you are a keen window-seat photographer, please share your aerial photographs with us using the hashtag #FromTheAir.

Submit your photos

Help us grow Hidden Journeys by sending in your photos of the places we cover by the flight-paths. If you have taken any interesting photos of the following locations, then please add them to the Hidden Journeys Flickr group.

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