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Explore Speakers 2016

Explore features a first class line up of speakers with a wealth of expertise and experience in various fields. Below are a selection of those presenting at Explore 2016. The full Explore 2016 Speakers list is now available here.

Nigel Winser

Since founding the first RGS-IBG Explore weekend in 1976, Nigel has directed interdisciplinary research programmes that support conservation and sustainable development across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Tom Allen

An adventure filmmaker, author, blogger and entrepreneur, Tom is one of this years recipients of the Society's Land Rover Bursary, working with regional organisations and experts to map a hiking trail in the Lesser Caucasus mountain range.

Mac Mackenney

Mac is Director of Max Adventure Ltd, a company specialising in expedition consultancy and logistics since 1994. Consultant to Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Max was right-hand man on his last North Pole expedition.


Dr. Nathan Smith

Lecturer in Sport Psychology at the University of Northampton Nathan's research focuses on human performance and heath in extreme environmental conditions, and has conducted research in polar, desert and mountaineering environments.

Dr. Emma Barrett

Research fellow in Psychology at Lancaster University,
Chartered Psychologist and science writer, Emma is co-author of 'Extreme: why some people thrive at the limits. She currently working with Nathan Smith researching experiences of expedition life.

Dr. Stephen Fabes

A doctor by trade, Stephen recently returned having spent 6 years cycling across 75 countries and 6 continents, covering
86 209 km. En route Stephen visited remote medical projects serving marginalised communities. Find out more.


Laura Moss

Organiser of the UK's Cycle Touring Festival, her own adventures include a 16 month, 13,000 mile bike ride through 27 countries. She is also a solicitor for charities and social enterprises.


Luce Choules

Luce is a visual artist who works mainly in still and moving image around the intermedia between sculpture and performance. She is also founder of the artist network - Temporal School of Experimental Geography (TSOEG).


Oliver Steeds

Oliver has reported for the UK's leading international investigative documentaries, 'Unreported World,' and 'Dispatches.' Also Director of Digital Explorer he is currently working on Project Nekton which aims to use exploration and science to focus the worlds attention on the health of the deep ocean.


Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

Jamie is director of Digital Explorer, an organization that creates education programmes based on expeditions and fieldwork. Having been on expeditions to Pakistan, Tibet, Morocco, Antarctica and Oman, Jamie is interested in communications from the field. 


Fearghal O'Nuallain

Teacher, writer and explorer Fearghal's journeys include a 31,000 circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle and a 3 week tramp through Transylvania in mid-Winter. He has journeyed by foot, pedal and paddle on 4 continents and writes about travel and exploration.


Dr. Adrian Parker

Adrian is a Geographer and Archaeologist who specialises in geomorphology, geoarchaeology and climate change in the sub-tropics. He has published over 70 articles in learned journals, monographs and book chapters. Find out more


Kate Rawles

Passionate about using adventure travel to communicate major environmental issues, Kate's book 'The Carbon Cycle: Crossing the Great Divide' is about exploring climate change through a cycle ride down the spine of the Rockies. Find out more


Ceri Lewis

A lecturer at Exeter University, Ceri is an experienced marine research biologist interested in how environmental change affects the reproductive processes in marine animals. She joined the Catlin Arctic Survey in 2010 and 2011 studying ocean acidification.


John Pattison-Williams

John has lived and worked in India and East Africa on international development projects focused on the environment and food security. He is director of the Biodiversity Grants Programme for the Alberta Conservation Association in Canada.


Ivan Scales

Lecturer in Geography at Cambridge University, Ivan's research focuses on the role of political, cultural and economic factors in shaping the way natural resources are used and contested. Find out more


Steve Jones

Steve is manager for the Antarctic base for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions LLC, which flies nearly all polar expeditions and mountaineers into Antarctica, and is responsible for safety and logistical support for field parties.



Lloyd Figgins

A former expedition leader, police officer and soldier who has worked in over 80 countries, Lloyd specialises in travel risk management, and focusses on the importance of preparation and planning when managing risk. Find out more

Paul Rose

As one of the world's most experienced science support experts and polar travellers, Paul is currently Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas expeditions exploring the unique atoll environment of Clipperton Island.


Dr. Simon Carr

Senior lecturer in Physical Geography at Queen Mary, University of London, Simon focuses on the interactions between climate, glaciers and landscape on different timescales, conducting extensive field research in Iceland.

Kieran Creevy

An expedition and private chef, and international mountain leader of 20 years, Kieran has been teaching guides, adventurers, and athletes how to cook great food in the mountains. Dishes include wood pigeon tandoori.


Andrew Ranville

Andrew is a visual artist and explorer with interests in the environment, architecture, fieldwork, cartography and community. Find out more


Dr. Beth Healey

A trained doctor, Beth recently returned from Antarctica where she worked as a research MD for the European Space Agency, at spaceflights analogue Concordia 'White Mars.' Find out more


Dr. Carl Cater

Carl is a senior lecturer in tourism at Aberystwyth University conducting research on experiences and behaviour in travel. Find out more


Emily Chappell

After working as a cycle courier in Central London, Emily set off to cycle round the world. This summer she came first in the 4000km Transcontinental Race across Europe. Find out more


Emily Penn

An oceans advocate, skipper and artist Emily has rounded the planet on the bio-fuelled Earthrace boat, and has discovered previously unknown oceanic gyres. She has also launched a series of all women voyages in search of answers relating to the health of our environment and our bodies. Find out more


Dr. Mark Mulligan

A lecturer in Geography at King's College London, Mark considers field research to be fundamental to understanding and managing environments and ecosystems. He currently leads research on the issues around the ecosystem services provided by the world's protected areas. Find out more


Martin Hartley

As one of the world's leading expedition and adventure travel photographers, Martin specialises in documenting the most inaccessible places on earth. Find out more


Sara MacLennan & Ralph Ripkin

Professionals in the environmental and sustainable energy sectors, Sara & Ralph set off on a bike tour to South America where they developed a smartphone based community monitoring system. Find out more


James Borrell

James is a conservation biologist currently studying for a PhD. He has been involved in expeditions to Lapland, Madagascar, the Peruvian Amazon and South Africa. Find out more


Andrew Welch

Having cycled across Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran and Pakistan to India and Nepal, Andrew has written many books about his experiences including, 'Weave of the Ride' and 'The Wilderness Open Guiding Book.' Find out more


Nicholas Crane

President of RGS-IBG, Nicholas is a much revered writer and broadcaster. He has written 11 books and presented over 80 BBC radio documentaries and films, including Coast and Map Man.


Leon McCarron

Leon is an adventurer and filmmaker. In December he is headed to the Middle East in search of stories of hope. His has just returned from a 1,000 mile walking the Masar following the path of Abraham (Ibrahim). Find out more


Quintin Lake

Fine art photographer with over 20 years experience in jungle, arctic and desert environments, Quintin has been the recipient of many awards. His Latest photo project, The Perimeter, is based on walking 10,000km around Britain's coast. Find out more


Belinda Kirk

Belinda has spent 20 years leading groups in to the wilderness. She now runs Explorers Connect, a social enterprise connecting people to adventures, Base Camp Festival and Britain's national day of adventure - Wild Night Out. 


Glen Cousquer

After spending over a decade working in veterinary medicine. Glen has developed a training programme for guides working in Morocco and an action research project for animal welfare for the expeditions and trekking industries. Find out more.

Explore 2016 Speakers (PDF)

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