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Field techniques courses

These workshops are aimed at those doing field research, either for dissertations or as part of an overseas expedition or fieldwork.

 For details on any of these courses, please contact Geography Outdoors.

 Camera Trapping 

Camera trapping is a non-invasive field technique which allows the researcher to gain an insight into the hidden world of wild animals in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

This one day Camera Trapping Workshop covers how to set up a systematic camera trapping survey in the field and examines the wide range of behavioural, ecological and conservation studies for which camera trapping provides a useful tool.

 Field Techniques for International Development 

This two day Field Techniques for International Development workshop covers the practical research approaches and techniques for working with local people on overseas field projects.

Led by a development professional, participants are guided through the design and implementation of a range of research methodologies including Rapid Rural Assessments, Participatory Mapping and Stakeholder Analysis.

Case studies and practical exercises look at the pros and cons of these research approaches, ensuring you make best use of time in the field.

GIS for Expeditions and Fieldwork

This is a practical three day workshop on GIS for Expeditions and Fieldwork for people using tools and techniques such as GPS, remote sensing, digital mapping and data analyses (Geographical Information Sciences) as part of a field research project or expedition.

A series of mapping exercises look at how expedition fieldwork can be accomplished rapidly and efficiently, thus achieving more with the time available in the field.

  Urban Trees and Ecosystem Services

The environmental value of trees within the urban landscape can be difficult to quantify. This field techniques workshop seeks to address the problem with the use of innovative software i-Tree Eco.

i-Tree Eco is a detailed environmental services benefits model. It is designed to quantify the structure, environmental effects and value of trees in urban and wildland-urban ecosystems.

This one day field studies workshop demonstrates how to carry out an i-Tree Eco project, from data collection through to final report use.

 If you are interested in future workshops, please contact Geography Outdoors.

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