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GIS for Expeditions and Fieldwork

GIS for Expeditions and Fieldwork

7-8 March 2015

These practical workshops are for people using tools and techniques such as GPS, remote sensing, digital mapping and data analyses (Geographical Information Sciences) as part of a field research project or expedition.

GIS are being used increasingly for fieldwork, to benefit existing plans and to create new inventories and maps, for example:

  • Planning and navigation using maps, GPS and satellite images
  • Mapping species distributions, patterns of biodiversity, ecosystem services and conservation priority
  • Surveys of geology, water resources and soils; and use and changes over time
  • Community mapping of villages, natural resources and land use
  • Management zones for national parks

A series of mapping exercises will look at how expedition fieldwork can be accomplished rapidly and efficiently, thus achieving more with the time available in the field. The course will involve hands-on experience with GIS co-ordinates to digital maps and satellite data.

Delegates can attend either or both days depending on their own requirements.

Day 1: Introduction to GIS for expeditions and field research

The workshop will cover the theory of GIS and how this can be successfully incorporated into fieldwork plans. Sessions will include topics on expedition GIS/Raster, how GIS works and its applications. This will be followed with practical sessions which will demonstrate a range of GIS software and equipment, including Arc GIS, open source GIS (QGIS, SAGA), GPS and Remote Sensing data.

Day 2: Doing field GIS

Participants with a field research project in mind can continue to do a more in depth training weekend in GIS for Expeditions and Fieldwork.

Practical exercises will take place in Hyde Park, and the day will focus on creating vector and raster data using ESRI ArcMap software. Other sessions will focus on mapping and terrain analysis using freely-downloadable open source GIS, such as Quantim GIS (QGIS) and SAGA. Emphasis will be on using free software and free geospatial data for mapping in developing countries, using example datasets.

Delegates without their own laptop with ArcMap will have access to an RGS-IBG workstation. 


If you would like to attend one day in particular you are welcome to book and attend either Saturday 7 March or Sunday 8 March.

ArcGIS software used on this not-for-profit course has been kindly supplied by ESRI UK. All delegates will receive a copy of the GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing manual, recommended retail priced at £15.

Cost: One day - Standard £75, Student £50;
Two day - Standard £150, Student £100 
Timings: Doors open at 9:00am.
Venue: Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London
To Book: Download a booking form (PDF), book online or contact Geography Outdoors. 

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