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Bursary recipients
ILCB in Uganda
ILCB in Ecuador
ILCB in Indonesia
Advice for ILCB Bursary Recipients »

Bursary recipients

Individuals who are have benefited from International Leadership and Capacity Building bursaries include the following. Their reports are added to this page as they are submitted.


Promoting sustainable livelihoods in the community of Bua de Los Ts'achilas, Ecuador.

Conserving the critically endangered brown-headed spider monkey in north-west Ecuador.


Providing access to water for the urban poor in Jakarta.

Deforestation and its implications for tiger populations and their prey in Bukit Barisan Selatan national Park, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Ecological resilience of beetle diversity on tropical islands in the face of human activities: a case study from Thousand Island Sanctuary, Indonesia.

Medicinal ethnobotanical study of Muak, Jambi, Indonesia.

Ethnobotanical study of Jernang (Daemonorops draco) in Jambi, Indonesia.

Fostering sustainability in remote communities through a Micro-Hydro project, Indonesia.

GIS training for Indonesian staff of Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop).

A socioeconomic study of the Banyuwangi and Madura communities on the marine resources of Mejangan island, Bali Barat National Park, East Java, Indonesia.


An economic valuation of the Mabamba Bay wetland system of international importance (RAMSAR site), Wakiso district, Uganda.

How indigenous knowledge has contributed to the conservation of Uganda’s national parks.

Wood density variation within and between species in Budongo Forest, Uganda.

Diversity, uses and forest cover change in Mt. Otzi Forest Reserve, Uganda.

Assessing the sustainability of donor aided programs in enhancing social and economic development in Uganda.

Reports from the ILCB Bursary winners will be added to these pages as they are submitted. Requests for further information on these projects should be emailed to go@rgs.org

· Economic valuation of Mabamba wetlands MSc thesis.PDF
· Deforestation in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Report.PDF
· Providing clean water to the urban poor in Jakarta
· Simon Akwetaireho ILCB winner 2008 PDF
· Susan Kyasiimire ICB winner 2008 PDF
Susan Kyasiimire Dissertation Summary
Erik Francis Akanakwo ILCB Winner 2009
Christopher Busiinge ILCB Winner 2009
Nsamba Mubarak Muwonge ILCB Winner 2009
Dedy Suyadi ILCB winner 2009 PDF
· Fiona Zakaria ILCB winner 2009 PDF
Cici Andriani ILCB Winner 2010
Dewi Kartika ILCB Winner 2010
Zainal Arifin Nur & Daniel Theofilus ILCB Winner 2010
OuTrop ILCB Winner 2010
Yetty ILCB Winner 2010
Moscovo Rosero ILCB Winner 2010
Yanapuma ILCB Winners 2009
Christopher Busiinge Report
Shinta Puspitasari ILCB winner 2009
Erik Francis Acanakwo Report PDF
Paola Moscoso Rosero Project update PDF
Zainal Report update PDF
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