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ILCB in Ecuador

In Ecuador, our funding and support have enabled four field scientists to plan and lead their own field research projects relevant to the MDG of ensuring sustainability. Such projects are concentrated on the need to develop the proportion of land that is protected in order to maintain biodiversity and encourage sustainable livelihoods.

 Blanca Maritza Chile Asimbaya, Andrea Vanesa Guajala Taco, and Cintya Lucelia Pillajo Alvarado (PDF) received an ILCB bursary in 2009 to help fund their research in conjunction with the Yanapuma Foundation. Their project aims to promote sustainable livelihoods in the community of Bua de Los Ts'achilas, Ecuador by carrying out an agro-ecological investigation that will focus on understanding the practices for knowledge transfer in sustainable forms of agro-forestry. Our funding has also allowed for the establishment of small local agricultural businesses through the development of a cacao association.

 Paola Moscoso Rosero's (PDF) ILCB support and funding received in 2010 have made it possible for her to undertake field research into the development of a conservation strategy for the critically endangered brown-headed spider monkey in north-west Ecuador (PDF). Her research has focused on the identification of populations of brown-headed spider monkeys at risk and the overlap of such distributions with current land use of the members of the Cooperativa Tesoro Esmeraldeño in the buffer zone of the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve. Using this data and the results of workshop talks and interviews, Paola hopes to identify conservation needs and develop a conservation management plan for the area.

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