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Taking a Gap year

Taking a Gap year

Over 50,000 people take a year out before starting university, a unique opportunity for an extended journey, project, or work experience that will extend your knowledge and skills before you continue studies.

If you are thinking of taking a year out, check that your chosen university department is happy for you to apply for deferred entry, and start planning how you can most constructively use your Gap year.

Bullet  How to plan your gap year
There are a wide range of books, websites and organisations which can help you do this.

If you want to join a project overseas, the Year Out Group have a list of questions students can ask providers to help them decide which one best suits their aspirations.

A range of providers can be viewed on our Joining an Expedition pages.

Bullet  Help with gap year planning
If you want help with planning your gap year, have a look at our Gap Year Planning Toolkit, which you can browse below.

You can also contact the Expeditions & Fieldwork team using the email link on the right.

Bullet  Gap Year Planning Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to help you in the process of planning your gap year and your travels. It is broken in to themed sections, and starts by making you think about what you want to do on your gap year and why. The different sections also contain links and references to other helpful resources, and cover everything from chosing a gap year provider, to what equipment and clothing requirements you will need to think about.

The Gap Year Planning Toolkit was initially put together to support our Gap Year Learning and Leading Scholarship Programme. For more information on the programme, please have a look at the Learning and Leading web pages.

Gap Experience Planning Toolkit Compiled (PDF)

 1. Starting Out (PDF)

 2. What To Do (PDF)

 3. Where To Go (PDF)

 4. Independent or Provider (PDF)

 5. Choosing a Provider (PDF)

6. Itinerary and Timings (PDF)

7. Finance and Budgeting (PDF)

8. Health Precautions (PDF)

9. Travel Safety (PDF)

10. Travel Arrangements (PDF)

11.Accommodation (PDF)

12. Documentation and Insurance (PDF)

13. Equipment and Clothing (PDF)

14. Communication (PDF)

15. Documenting your Gap Experience (PDF)

16.Responsible Travel (PDF)

17.Pre-departure and your return (PDF)

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