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Inclusive Expeditions Unit

Inclusive Expeditions UnitThe inclusive expeditions unit consists of disabled explorers, technicians and experienced leaders all of whom actively support the meaningful inclusion of disabled people in expeditions.

Challenging the traditional view of expeditions

The group aim to increase diversity and promote equality in access to expeditions. Huge value can be added to research projects and expeditions by including individuals from a variety of backgrounds and situations; with differing experiences, knowledges and skills.

Since the unit launched back in... there has been a clear increase in the number of inclusive expeditions. The unit are always keen to hear from individuals and organisations interested in collaborating or looking for support in developing their own work within this arena.

Points to consider when joining an expedition

If you have a disability and want to join an expedition, do not be deterred. Most organisations are open to provide opportunities for everyone who fits their application criteria however, often these organisations have concerns about how they might cope with a disabled person’s specific needs.

New standards, equipment and inclusive protocols for expeditions and fieldwork will help to reduce these concerns.  Remember the organisations you approach will need your help to decide if what they are offering is suitable for you. All decisions should be joint between the organisation and yourself.

Organisations offering inclusive expedition opportunities can be browsed on the RGS-IBG Delicious Links.

Planning your own inclusive expedition

Creating an expedition that is inclusive to both disabled and non disabled people is simply a matter of applying sound good practice in a positive and flexible way. If this is your first project start small and build on your success. There are many people and organisations to help, so talk to people and get started.

For more information on organising your own expedition see our Planning an Expedition webpages.

Training and Expedition Opportunities

Equal Adventure Inclusive Seminars

Equal Adventure is an award winning charity which aims to inspire and provide resources for inclusive adventure and active lifestyles for disabled people. They run one day, Inclusive Adventure Seminars for instructors and people who work with disabled users carrying out outdoor activities.

For further information on course locations visit www.equaladventure.org, email events@equaladventure.org or telephone +44 (0)14 7986 1200.

Adventure for All

Adventure for all is an association of leading residential outdoor activity centres which are primarily for people with special needs.

For details on their member centres visit www.adventureforall.org.uk.

How to contribute

Writing an expedition report will help develop opportunities for the next generation. Use the Expedition Handbook as a starting point.

Send a copy of your report to Geography Outdoors, so it will be available for others to read.

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