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Expedition Medical Cell

The Expedition Medical Cell of the RGS-IBG was established in 1996. Its initial remit was to provide medical advice to the Society's field research programmes and, through teaching and research, to reduce the hazards of participating in an expedition or travelling in remote areas.

The Cell has been involved in research into the health risks associated with expeditions, and has been closely associated with several popular handbooks on Expedition Medicine, including most recently the 2nd edition of the popular Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine .  

To improve the quality of information the Medical Cell provides, we are developing a series of best practice guidelines. Much of this work is done online and we welcome enquiries from anyone with expertise who can help improve the quality of healthcare in very remote areas. We also host meetings to debate the guidelines, and try to bring together enthusiasts in this exciting area of medicine.

In the UK a number of separate special interest groups have been established and we hope that the new RGS-IBG Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Advisory Group will aid liaison between these bodies 

Members of the core committee of the cell are: Prof Chris Imray (chair), Dr Sarah Anderson, Dr Jon Dallimore, Dr Chris Johnson (convenor), Mr James Moore, Mrs Shane Winser and Prof David Warrell.

There will be a gathering for expedition medical professionals in London on the afternoon of Tuesday 19 September 2017 beginning at 2.15pm. The meeting is designed to consolidate and report upon the work that has been undertaken by members of the RGS-IBG Expedition Medical Cell, and to discuss current and future topics of interest to the group.
If you are interested in attending the gathering or  joining the RGS-IBG Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Advisory Group please contact: go@rgs.org.

Bullet  Specific advice and guidance is given in the Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (OUP, 2009) which can be purchased from Geography Outdoors.

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