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Journey of a Lifetime
Neville Shulman Challenge Award
Land Rover Bursary
Field Centre Grants
Geographical Fieldwork Grants
Alexander Awards Field Apprenticeships

Fieldwork and expeditions

Fieldwork and expeditions are at the core of the Society's grants programme. Our independent travel grants support challenging and inspiring geographical journeys and expeditions all over the world.

Journey of a Lifetime Award

Journey of a Lifetime recipient Will Millard packrafts through West Africa's Peace Park

Record an inspiring journey for BBC Radio 4

Neville Shulman Challenge Award

Neville Shulman Challenge Award » Image: Recipients of the Neville Shulman Challenge Award 'Hugging the Coast' traverse 250km of the coral triangle to document and engage with the people that eke a living through seaweed farming

Awards to further understanding and exploration of the planet

The Land Rover

Land Rover Bursary » Image: 2013 Land Rover Bursary recipient team 'Pole of Cold'

Funding and a 110 Defender vehicle for a challenging journey

Field Centre

Field Centre Grants » Image: Gobabeb Research Centre Namibia - 2012 recipient Dr Kevin White integrates new techniques for dune surveying, in order to extend the Gobabeb dune database

Grants to support research at international field centres

Geographical Fieldwork Grants

Geographical Fieldwork Grant » Image: Geographical Fieldwork Grant recipients from the University of Cambridge set up equipment near the active vent of Puyehue-Cordon Caulle, Chile

Several awards to fund fieldwork for teams

Alexander Awards: Field Apprenticeships

Funding for undergraduate fieldwork apprenticeships

RGS-IBG links

Fieldwork and expeditions training and advice

Internet links
Pinterest links to other grant giving organisations for expeditions and fieldwork

Directory of Grants Giving Organisations 2017 (.PDF)
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