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Grants Programme Reviewers

The Society would like to acknowledge the screeners who have reviewed for the Society's Grants Programme this year.

The support of these expert screeners allows the Society to support upwards of 70 research and fieldwork projects per year.

  • Benedict Allen
  • Professor Paul Aplin
  • Professor Phil Ashworth
  • Professor Bruce Atkinson
  • Dr Lisa Belyea
  • Professor Mike Bentley
  • Dr Matthew Blackett
  • Dr Christopher Board
  • Mark Cameron
  • Dr Simon Carr
  • Professor Pippa Chapman
  • Dr Lucy Clarke
  • Nick Cooke
  • Nina Crowe
  • Dr Caroline Day
  • Dr Claire Dwyer
  • Simon Elmes
  • Dr Alice Evans
  • Professor Dave Evans
  • Dr Robert Francis
  • Professor David Gibbs
  • Dr Carl Griffin
  • Professor Jane Hart
  • Lydia Hayley
  • Dr Sarah Henton De Angelis
  • Dr Rebecca Hodge
  • Anna Jackson
  • Dr Jennifer Johns
  • Dr Peter Long
  • Dr Emma Mawdsley
  • Neil McCarthy
  • Dr Fiona McConnell
  • Rupert McCowan
  • Dr Claire Mercer
  • Professor Sarah Metcalfe
  • Dr James Millington
  • Dr Dominique Moran
  • Dr Mark Mulligan
  • Professor David Nash
  • Professor Linda Newson
  • Dr Ben Page
  • Professor Adrian Parker
  • Professor Jenny Pickerill
  • John Pilkington
  • Dr Helen Walkington
  • Dr Liz Watson
  • Professor Katie Willis
  • Shane Winser
  • Professor Peter Wood
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