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Dudley Stamp Memorial Award

2011 Dudley Stamp Memorial Award recipient Alison Banwell studies the hydrology of the Greenland ice sheetThe Dudley Stamp Memorial Award offers a number of small grants (up to £500) for PhD students or postdoctoral researchers in the early stages of their careers to assist them in research or study travel.

The award, formerly administered by the Royal Society, is now administered by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and awarded by the Trustees of the Dudley Stamp Memorial Award. 

Preference will be given to research that leads to the advancement of geography and to international co-operation in the study of the subject.  Applications are particularly welcome for projects which will strengthen links between geographers in the United Kingdom and those overseas.


22 February (each year)


  Dudley Stamp Memorial Award Guidelines (PDF)
  Dudley Stamp Memorial Award
Application Form (MSWORD)
  Code of Practice for the Grants Programme (PDF)


2014 Dudley Stamp Memorial Award recipients

  Dr Hilary Bishop (Liverpool John Moores University). 'Organic Farming in West Cork: Development, Growth and Success'

  Cianna Wyshnytzky (Queen Mary, University of London). 'Timing and processes of annual moraine formation at Silvrettagletscher, Switzerland: Implications for glacier dynamics and climate studies'

  Nathan Thomas (Aberystwyth University). 'Application of ALOS PALSAR for mapping global mangrove extent 1996-2010'

  Matthew Hannaford (University of Sheffield). 'The consequences of past climate change for state formation and security in southern Africa'

  Alexander Chapman (University of Southampton). 'Adapting to sediment service loss in the Mekong Delta'

  Jennifer Adams (University College London). 'Long-term palaeo-climate reconstructions from Lake Gusinoye, Siberia'

  Yimin Zhao (London School of Economics). 'Modernisation Discourse, Land Expropriation Projects, and the Making of China’s Local State Space in the Urbanisation Process – Case Studies of Beijing and Datong'

  Jamie Wood (University of Gloucestershire). 'Optical dating of blocked-valley lake storm deposits in eastern South Africa'

  Hazel Long (University of Glasgow). 'The controls and magnitude of CO2­ efflux from melting permafrost in Greenland'

  Thomas Mockford (University of Loughborough). 'The relationship between glacial outwash channel evolution and glacigenic dust emissions: UAV and field measurements from Southern Iceland'

  Sudhir Tripathi (University of Hertfordshire). 'An investigation into the resilience and sustainability of a traditional water management system in the Western Ghats of India'


About the Award

Lawrence Dudley Stamp (1898-1966) was an internationally renowned British geographer who served as President of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Institute of British Geographers. His Land Utilisation Survey of Great Britain in the 1930s and 1940s, a modern Domesday Book, sought to classify land use in Britain, and was undertaken with the help of enthusiastic teachers and school children who carried out much of the survey work.

Dudley Stamp worked to popularise the discipline of geography, and played a key role in promoting the teaching of the subject in schools. He travelled widely, assisting in the setting up of numerous land use surveys, while his reputation drew postgraduates from around the world to work on his projects.

The Dudley Stamp Memorial Award was established in 1967 to enable postgraduate geographers to travel in support of their research.

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