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Slawson Awards

Caroline Day studied the experiences of young people caring for parents and relatives in Zambia

By the kind generosity of Fellows Paul and Mary Slawson, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) offers three to four awards annually, of up to £3,000 each, for PhD students intending to carry out geographical field research.

The awards support geographical fieldwork involving development issues with a high social and economic value.


22 February (each year)


  Slawson Award guidelines (PDF) 
Research Ethics and Code of Practice (PDF)


2013 Slawson Award recipients

  Ben Flower (University College London). 'Global Property and Rights and Universal Tenure Security in Phnom Penh'

This project will evaluate the usefulness of land titling programmes in improving urban land management in the global South using a case study of the Land Management and Administration Project (LMAP) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The fieldwork will generate empirical data concerning the implementation and outcomes of the LMAP in Phnom Penh; the project will focus on how household socioeconomic indicators linked to tenure security have been affected by the programme. The research will be carried out in partnership with a leading policy research institute in Phnom Penh.

  Marcia Alejandra Vera Espinoza (University of Sheffield). 'Refugee protection in South America: A critical analysis of the regional resettlement is Chile and Brazil'

The research project aims to analyse the extent and ways in which the regional refugee resettlement model is being consolidated in South America. In order to do so, the study will explore, through the lens of regionalism theory, the resettlement programmes implemented in Brazil and Chile. At the same time, the study will assess in both countries the effectiveness of the resettlement regional agenda in terms of refugee protection, social policy, adherence by states and how these affect the integration of refugees. This study will look at the Colombian and Palestinian communities resettled in both countries.

  Tucker Landesman (The London School of Economics and Political Science). 'Remaking Rio: favela 'integration', urban renewal and the production of the state'

The project focuses on state interventions in the city of Rio de Janeiro meant to ‘integrate’ informal settlements (favelas) into the formal city as part of a larger government strategy to transform Rio into a city representative of Brazil’s growing socio-political and economic power. The research focuses on the production and transformation of urban space through a paradigm of ‘favela integration’. The research questions driving this project pertain to how ‘integration’ as un urban ideal, championed and imposed by the state, transforms the production, experience, and governance of urban space in Rio de Janeiro.

  Nabeela Ahmed (University of Sussex). 'Policy responses to internal migration and social protection: a comparison of PDS access and inclusion for migrants in Gujarat and Maharashtra'

This study looks the impact of Indian social protection policy and implementation at local government level on internal migrants to determine a) whether internal migrants are made vulnerable in greater, or specific, ways than non-migrants and b) whether such policies are evolving to address migrant needs. This will be done by focusing specifically on patterns and structures of migrants’ access to the Public Distribution System (one of India’s largest social protection programmes) to understand responses to migrants’ needs, and the impact of new policy developments such as the Unique Identification (UID) scheme on improving migrant access and inclusion.

Slawson Award recipients 2001 to 2012 (PDF)

For further information on the projects listed above, including a summary of the research and expedition reports, please browse the Society's Expeditions Database.

About the Award

The Slawson Awards, first given in 2001, are supported by Society Fellow's Paul and Mary Slawson.

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