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Grants awarded

Projects supported by the Society's grants programme this year are shown on the map.


Projects supported in 2017:

Independent Travel Awards

 Journey of a Lifetime Award Nicole Bennett-Fite. 'Trekking Tajikistan'

 Neville Shulman Challenge Award  Leon McCarron. 'Life and Death on the Holy Mountain: The real story of the Good Samaritans'

 Land Rover Bursary TBC

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Grants

 Geographical Fieldwork Grants

Arabella Borgstein (Glasgow University). ‘University of Glasgow Egypt Marine Expedition 2017’

Sylvana Urbina (Sussex University). ‘Assessing effectiveness of ‘land-sharing’ conservation strategies in Chocoan Rainforest, Ecuador’

Lucy Wells (Exeter University). ‘Cloudforest Conservation Group: Expedition Cloudbridge 2017’

Sasha Charles (Durham University). ‘The glacial geomorphology of Skaftafell National Park glaciers, Iceland’

Jancheng Yang (London School of Economics and Political Science). ‘Innovative Processes and Urban Changes in Shanghai’

Manoj Paudel (London School of Economics and Political Science). ‘Economic Geography of Entrepreneurship in Western Nepal’ 

Max Henderson (Newcastle University). ‘Investigating ecological responses to changing environments, Costa Rica’

Thomas Marceau (Exeter University). ‘Project Loholoka 2017’

Larissa Heinisch (London School of Economics and Political Science). ‘Interpreting Informal Human Geographies’

Holly Chubb (Newcastle University). ‘Geomorphological processes of a glaciated region, Svalbard’

Anoushka Carter (Exeter University). ‘Notice The Nomads’

James Linighan (Newcastle University). ‘Annapurna South Glacier Scientific Expedition’

Caroline Yormesor (Portsmouth University). ‘Assessing Vulnerabilities, Hazards and Risks in Dominica’

 Alexander Awards: Field Apprenticeships

Charlotte Day (University of Hertfordshire). 'Ecological Consequences of Glacio-Fluvial Sediment Transfer'            

Jessica Bracken (Queen Mary University of London). 'Small-scale glacial erosional landforms in present and past glacial environments'

Monica Cole Research Grant

Cathy Smith (University of Edinburgh). 'Wildfire in the Savannahs of Southern Belize: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives'

 Geographical Club Award

Catherine Craven (SOAS). ‘Locating Politics in the Global: A Practice-based Analysis of Global Diaspora Governance’

Marie Arnaud (University of Leeds). ‘Belowground carbon cycling in mangrove forests’

 Henrietta Hutton Research Grant

Matthew Gleeson (University of Cambridge). 'Tracking the evolution of Galápagos volcanoes'

Keiko Nomura (University of Edinburgh). ‘Fate of forests in oil palm concessions in Southern Myanmar’

 Hong Kong Research Grant

Jesper Svensson (University of Cambridge). 'Hydrologic variability and collective action: Pathways to water security in the Yellow River Basin

 RGS-IBG Postgraduate Research Awards

Marie Arnaud (University of Leeds). ‘Belowground carbon cycling in mangrove forests’

Katarzyna Baran (University of Cambridge). ‘South-South Cooperation as seen by the “Others”: Recipients’ perceptions of development cooperation - the case of Brazilian cooperation in Haiti’

Angharad Butler-Rees (University of Southampton). ‘Disability Activism in times of Austerity’

Lyn-Kristin Hosek (University of Birmingham). ‘Urban Forestry, Livelihoods and Accra’s Poor’

Monika Mendelova (University of Edinburgh). ‘Resolving puzzles of the Last Glacial Cycle in Central Patagonia’

Rachel Seary (University of Cambridge). ‘The impact of future environmental change on mangrove-fishery-community linkages in Bali, Indonesia’

Paul Weber (University of Portsmouth). ‘Assessing the behaviour of mid-latitude and Arctic plateau icefields in response to changes in climate’

 Slawson Awards

Stephanie Brittain (University of Oxford). 'Robust Wildlife Population Monitoring under Challenging Conditions'

Alex Ma (University College London). ‘The Making of a New Asian Tiger?: Myanma Labour Migration to Singapore, and Remittance-led Development’

Dominic Rowland (SOAS). 'From forest foods to supermarkets: changing diets, nutrition and food environments resulting from oil palm driven deforestation, West Kalimantan'

 Frederick Soddy Award

Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen (University of Oxford). 'Voices in the Dark: Geographies of renewable energy policies in refugee settings in East Africa’

Harry Hilser (University of Exeter). ‘Empathising With Nature: Nature Connectedness and its Relationship with Conservation Advocacy and Behaviour in Indonesia'

 Dudley Stamp Memorial Awards

Morgan Saeg (Cambridge University). 'Equal Opportunities on Ice: Gendered institutional change in 20th century Antarctic science'

Paolo Strampelli (Oxford University). 'Informing large carnivore conservation and conflict mitigation strategies in Tanzania's Ruaha-Rungwa through large-scale assessments of status, distribution and threats'

Nida Rehman (Cambridge University). 'Urban Vectors: The Politics and Practices of Public Health in Lahore'

Jo Hickman Dunne (Loughborough University). 'People, Place, Process: Geographies of Outdoor Education in the Outward Bound Trust'

Jess Fisher (Kent University). 'Benefits of biodiversity: human-wildlife interactions in urban Guyana'

Gemma Ives (Sheffield University). 'A documentary reconstruction of the Indian monsoon from 1730 to present and its implications for society'

Emily Potter (Cambridge University). 'High-altitude meteorological analysis of the Khumbu Valley, Nepalese Himalayas'

Matthew Tomkins (Manchester University). 'Schmidt Hammer exposure dating (SHED): A new calibration curve for the Pyrenees'

Hadyn Thomas (Edinburgh University). 'Experimental assessment of growth and phenology of Arctic tundra shrubs'

Julia Kelly (Swansea University). 'GREENhouse GAs flux uPscaling (GREEN GAP) – improved understanding of key ecosystem processes using remote sensing and ground-based measurements'

Linley Hastewell (Portsmouth University). 'The effect of storm waves on boulder transport and shore platform evolution at Bembridge, Isle of Wight'

Research Grants

 Walters Kundert Fellowship

Dr Arwyn Edwards (Aberystwyth University). 'In the Bleakest Midwinter: Can Arctic glacial ecosystems survive in Polar night and thrive in winter heatwaves?'

 Environment and Sustainability Research Grants

Jessica Hope (University of Cambridge). 'Re-conceptualising sustainable development for the contemporary era: NGOs, social movements and resource extraction in Bolivia'

Giuseppe Feola (University of Reading). 'Governing sustainable agri-food systems: critical geographies of peri-urban agriculture and food sovereignty in Sogamoso, Colombia'

Sarah Percival (University of Portsmouth). 'UK urban flood risk communication'

Heather Price (University of Stirling). 'Investigating the temporal dynamics of drinking water quality in Malawi informal settlements'

 Ralph Brown Expedition Award

Professor Andy Hodson (University of Sheffield). 'Rapid ventilation of sub-permafrost methane through pingos, springs and pockmarks in the coastal High Arctic'

 Small Research Grants

Dr Daniel Schillereff (Kings College London). 'Quantifying long-term natural and anthropogenic phosphorus fluxes using Holocene lake sediment profiles from southwest Norway'         
Dr Matthew Baddock (Loughborough University). 'Constraining dust emissions from a globally significant dust source'

Dr Rachel Carr (Newcastle University). 'Evaluating the interaction between ice loss and surface debris characteristics on Annapurna South Glacier, Nepal.'

Dr Suzanne Beech (Ulster University). 'Experiencing the International Higher Education Recruitment Fair: The Role of Geography in Selling a UK Higher Education'

Dr Colin Lorne (University of Manchester). 'Spatial politics and the English NHS: Examining how global policy mobilties shape local healthcare reform'

Dr Charlotte Veal (University of Southampton). 'Choreographing military bodies: Aeromobilities, embodied geopolitics, and dance-based combat training with the British Parachute Regiment'

 Thesiger-Oman Fellowship

Professor Anne Mather (Plymouth University). ‘Bedrock landsliding - a near and present danger: Implications for hazard assessment in the NW Sahara (Morocco)’

Professor Charlie Bristow (University College London). ‘Deltas of the Green Sahara’

Teaching Grants

 Ray Y Gildea Jr Award

Jonathan Reades (King’s College London). 'Geopyter: Geographical Python Teaching Resources'

Fiona McConnell (University of Oxford). 'Model UNPO’ simulation exercises: Debating global governance'

 Innovative Geography Teaching Grants

Alan Parkinson (King's Ely Junior) 'Inspirational Places: Changing Places'

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