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Environment and Sustainability Research Grants

The Environment and Sustainability Research Grants offer four awards of £10,000 to researchers within 10 years of completing their PhD, for projects that investigate some of the bigger issues of environmental sustainability.

Investigating low cost solar hot water systems in Favelas across Sao Paulo © Andres Luque 2011

This could include, but is not limited to, water and development, energy security, and urban migration.

Projects must demonstrate the ability to advance geographical knowledge and to have potential impact beyond the academy.


22 February


  Environment and Sustainability Research Grant Guidelines (PDF)

  Code of Practice for the Grants Programme (PDF)

This year's recipients

 Jessica Hope (University of Cambridge). 'Re-conceptualising sustainable development for the contemporary era: NGOs, social movements and resource extraction in Bolivia'

 Giuseppe Feola (University of Reading). 'Governing sustainable agri-food systems: critical geographies of peri-urban agriculture and food sovereignty in Sogamoso, Colombia'

 Sarah Percival (University of Portsmouth). 'UK urban flood risk communication'

 Heather Price (University of Stirling). 'Investigating the temporal dynamics of drinking water quality in Malawi informal settlements'

2016 Recipients

 Jean-Christophe Comte (Aberdeen University). 'East African groundwater resources under climatic and human pressure'

 Franklin Ginn (University of Bristol). 'The socio-ecological politics of private green space in Islamabad, Pakistan'

 Tom Sizmur (University of Reading). 'The impact of past, present and proposed development on the pollution of soft-sediment intertidal ecosystems on the north coast of British Columbia'

 Gareth Clay (University of Manchester). 'Restoring the Function and Resilience of Ecosystems on St Helena'

2015 Recipients

 Dr Joanne Jordan (University of Manchester). 'Urban Climate Resilience: How does Land Tenure affect Adaptation to Climate Change in Dhaka?'

 Dr Eszter Kovacs (University of Cambridge). 'Survival Strategies of Farmers in the Absence of Greening Subsidies in Hungary'

 Dr Phil Renforth (University of Cardiff). 'Papakolea Beach, Hawaii: a natural analogue of a global carbon sequestration technology'

 Dr Ivan Scales (University of Cambridge). 'The socio-ecological dynamics of land use and landscape change in the mangrove forests of western Madagascar'.

The Environment and Sustainability Research Grants are generously supported by Deutsche Post-Stiftung.

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