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RGS-IBG Small Research Grants

2010 Small Research Grant recipient Dr Stephen Burrows - Investigating basal hydrology of the Greenland Ice sheet using an electronic tracing technique

The Society offers several awards of up to £3,000 to individuals for original desk and/or field based research in any area of geography. Preference will be given to early career researchers.

Each year one grant of up to £3,000 will be made available from the 20th International Geographical Congress. This fund was established following the 20th International Geographical Congress held in London in 1964.

The Jasmin Leila Award of £250, will be given as a supplement to one of the projects supported under the Society’s Small Research Grant scheme, or as an independent award.


18 January (each year)


  RGS-IBG Small Research Grants guidelines (PDF)
RGS-IBG Small Research Grant Application Form (MSWORD)
  Code of Practice for the Grants Programme (PDF)


2016 Recipients

 Aga Nowak (University of Sheffield). 'Investigation of the export of glacially derived carbon to downstream terrestrial and marine environments of the High Artic'

 Tom Holt (Aberystwyth University). 'The influence of glacier structure, reflectivity and surface temperature on turbulent energy fluxes'

 Tom Bradwell (University of Sterling). 'Does lichenometry really work? Evaluating growth-rate variability in yellow-green Rhizocarpon linchens'

 Philipp Horn (Open University). 'Peri-urban land management: Integrating indigenous rights and a human rights-based approach in La Paz, Bolivia' (20 IGC)

 George Adamson (King's College London). 'El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Geographies of Knowledge'

 Lucy Jackson (University of Liverpool). 'Bodies that travel and the mobile state: State sovereignty and control of fleshy politics'


2015 Recipients

 Dr Rachel Carr (University of Newcastle). Evaluating the impact of a proglacial lake and debris cover on ice loss from Russell Glacier, west Greenland

 Dr Amy Donovan (University of Cambridge). Science Diplomacy in North Korea (20 IGC)

 Dr Lorenza Fontana (University of Sheffield). Indigenous voices: Assessing the impact of ‘Free, Prior and Informed Consultations’ among Amazon’s communities (20 IGC)

 Dr Andrew Hardy (University of Aberystwyth). 'Mapping malaria breeding habitats using low cost UAVs'

 Dr Naho Mirumachi (King's College London). 'Investigating the link between water, conflict and security'

 Dr Lizzie Richardson (University of Cambridge). 'Creative Workplaces: the changing geographies of self-employment in the UK'

 Dr Allan Watson (Staffordshire University). 'Knowledge sharing and networking in regionally-scaled creative economies: the economic geography of north west England’s musical economy' (Jasmin Leila Award)


2014 Recipients

  Dr Matej Blazek (Loughborough University). Life trajectories and experiences of young Somali women in the UK: subjections, subjectivations and the routes to citizenship (20 IGC and Jasmin Leila Award)

  Dr Benjamin Coles (University of Leicester). Securing Food Futures in Times of Austerity

  Dr Peter Hemming (Cardiff University). Faith-Based Schooling in Rural Communities

  Dr Lisa Mol (University of Cardiff) Rock weathering in the Arctic – how does it work?

  Dr Sandra Nogue (University of Oxford). Tracking the range limits of the Subtropical Laurel forest in Cape Verde

  Dr Thomas Smith (King's College London). Improved assessment of emissions from peat swamp fires: new emission factors for REDD+ projects in tropical peatlands (20 IGC)

Small Research Grant recipients 2008 to 2013 (PDF)

For further information on these projects, including a summary of the research and expedition reports, please browse the Society's Expeditions Database.

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