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Thirtieth International Geographical Congress Award

The Society offers five grants of up to £750 to assist with the cost of attending an international conference.

The conference must be organised by a geographical organisation, association or union affiliated with, or a member of, the International Council of Science (ISCU) or other such similar international organisation.  

Priority will be given to early career researchers presenting papers and seeking to cover travel expenses, although help with conference fees, accommodation, and maintenance costs will also be considered.


30 September


  Thirtieth IGC Grant guidelines (PDF)
Thirtieth IGC Application Form (MSWord)
  Code of Practice for the Grants Programme (PDF) 


2013 Thirtieth International Geographical Congress Award recipients

  Dr Heidi Burdett (University of St Andrews)

Burdett, Heidi (2013) Coastal carbonate chemistry as a driver of sulphur biogeochemical processes. Ocean Sciences Meeting: Environmental variability and climate change: linking environmental variation and organism responses across scales, 23-28 February 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii. Unpublished conference paper. University of St Andrews. 

  Dr Ed Garrett (Durham University)

Garrett, Ed. (2013) Biostratigraphic evidence for multiple great earthquakes in south central Chile. International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) 588 5th International Conference, 4-10 May 2014, Anchorage, Girdwood and Cordova, Alaska. Unpublished conference paper. Durham University.

 Dr Lorna Linch (University of Brighton)

Linch, Lorna. (2013) Measuring sub-scour bulk strain in fine-grained sediment using the Metripol technique. Ice Scour and Arctic Marine Pipeline (ISAMP) Workshop, 20-22 May 2013, Newfoundland, Canada. Oral presentation. University of Brighton.

 Dr Sam Moore (University of Oxford)

Moore, Sam. (2013) Increased losses of organic carbon and destabilising of tropical peatlands following deforestation, drainage and burning. American Geophysical Union: Sensitivity of Peatland Carbon Balance to Climate Change - Past and Future, 9-13 December 2013, San Francisco. Unpublished conference paper. University of Oxford.

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