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Meet the fieldwork apprentices

Each year, we award five fieldwork apprenticeship bursaries to support first year university geography students to work as apprentices on overseas fieldwork during the summer. Each student will be involved with a research project, led by a lecturer at their institution.


Haroon Ikram

Haroon Ikram

University of Nottingham
Mentor: Dr Matthew Jones
Palaeoenvironments of the Late Glacial Transition in the eastern desert of Jordan (PDF).

Sarah Christie

Sarah Christie

University of Stirling
Mentor: Dr Eileen Tisdal
Completed experiments from the past: understanding historic sustainability in Early Modern Iceland (PDF).

Innes Hamilton

Innes Hamilton

University of St Andrews
Mentor: Dr Vincent Rinterknecht
Paleoclimate of the Slovakian Tatra mountains during the last Glacial Maximum and the Late Glacial (PDF).

Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis

Cardiff university
Mentor: Dr Lisa Mol
Rock weathering in the Arctic – how does it work? (PDF)

Amy's Blog





Richard Campion

Fieldwork Apprentice Richard Campion

University of Hull
Mentor: Professor Daniel Parsons
Mekong River Sediment Dynamics (NERC STELAR-S2S), Cambodia (PDF)

James Wylie

Fieldwork Apprentice James Wylie

The University of Edinburgh
Mentor: Professor Andrew Dugmore
Tephra layers and early warning signals of critical transitions, Iceland (PDF)

Eleanore Heasley

Fieldwork Apprentice Eleanore Heasley

University of Southampton
Mentor: Professor Stephen Darby
Flow, suspended sediment, bed material and nutrient fluxes on the peak of the Mekong's monsoon flood, Cambodia (PDF)

Sarah Pearl

Fieldwork apprentice Sarah Pearl

University of Leeds
Mentor: Dr Tim Baker
Peatland forest dynamics in Peruvian Amazonia (PDF)

Isabelle Morledge

Fieldwork Apprentice Isabelle Morledge

University of St Andrews
Mentor: Dr Rehema White
Decline of Zambezi Teak Forests, Zimbabwe & Zambia(PDF)




Oliver Clark

Fieldwork Apprentice Oliver Clark

University of Leeds
Mentor: Dr Katherine Roucoux
The environmental history of abandoned river channels in the Peruvian Amazon (PDF)

Rachel Wylie

Fieldwork Apprentice Rachel Wylie

University of Leeds
Mentor: Dr Clare Woulds
Recent hydrological changes in arctic peatlands, Sweden (PDF)

Siôn Regan

Fieldwork Apprentice Siôn Regan

University of Liverpool
Mentor: Dr Barbara Mauz
The Sultanate of Oman: Sediment Flux to the Coast (PDF)
Siôn's blog »

Esme Shattock

Fieldwork Apprentice Esme Shattock

University of Leeds
Mentor: Dr Katherine Roucoux
Wetland forest dynamics in Peruvian Amazonia (PDF)

Abigail Alderson

Fieldwork Apprentice Abigail Alderson

Royal Holloway, University of London
Mentor: Dr Thomas Stevens
Dust storms and Chinese loess sources over 22 million years (PDF)
Abigail's blog »

Mark Jones

Fieldwork Apprentice Mark Jones

University of Portsmouth
Mentor: Dr Richard Teeuw
NW Dominica Coastal Surveys 2012 (PDF)



Harrhy James

Fieldwork Apprentice Harrhy James

Durham University
Mentor: Dr David Roberts
Ice sheet reconstruction in Greenland (PDF)

Jonathan Kitchen

Fieldwork Apprentice Jonathan Kitchen

University of Stirling
Mentor: Dr Robert McCulloch
Late-glacial/Holocene transition, Fuego-Patagonia, Chile (PDF)

Elizabeth Moore

Fieldwork Apprentice Elizabeth Moore

University of Central Lancashire
Mentor: Dr Mark Toogood
Maasai Womens' Geographies and Biodiversity in Kenya (PDF)

Megan O'Donnell

Fieldwork Apprentice Megan ODonnell

University of St Andrews
Mentor: Dr Vincent Rinterknecht
Climatic reconstruction of the Spanish Pyrenees over the last 20,000 years based on glacial record (PDF)

Holly Stewart

Fieldwork Apprentice Holly Stewart

Durham University
Mentor: Professor Antony Long
Reconstructing Holocene temperatures around the Greenland Ice Sheet using chironomids (non-biting midges) (PDF)




Sarah Ollier

Fieldwork Apprentice Sarah Ollier

University of Manchester
Mentor: Professor Ernest Rutter
Magnetic survey of the Carboneras Fault Zone, Spain (PDF)

Ruby Jurczyk

Fieldwork Apprentice Ruby Jurczyk

University of Leeds
Mentor: Dr Tim Baker
Long-term forest dynamics in Peruvian Amazonia (PDF)

Hazel Gunn

Fieldwork Apprentice Hazel Gunn

University of Nottingham
Mentor: Dr Suzanne McGowan
Long-range atmospheric nitrogen deposition as a driver of ecological change in Arctic lakes, Greenland (PDF)

Lisa Howell

Fieldwork Apprentice Lisa Howell

Royal Holloway, University of London
Mentor: Dr Danielle Schreve
Ebbor Gorge Lateglacial palaeoenvironments, Somerset (PDF)





Sarah Biejat

Fieldwork Apprentice Sarah Biejat

University of Portsmouth
Mentor: Dr Richard Teeuw
North Dominica Geohazards 2009 (PDF)

Ricky Stevens

Fieldwork Apprentice Ricky Stevens

Queen Mary University, London
Mentor: Dr Simon Carr
Sensitivity of Icelandic Glaciers to Climate Change (PDF)

James Farrell

Fieldwork Apprentice James Farrell

University of Leeds
Mentor: Dr Lee Brown
Hohe Tauern Alps Project – Austria (PDF)

Nathan Thomas

Fieldwork Apprentice Nathan Thomas

University of Aberystwyth
Dr John Grattan
Settlement and palaeochannel in the Jordanian desert: exploring the environmental impact of the Bronze Age Copper factories and mines in Wadi Faynan (PDF)

Huw Smith

Fieldwork Apprentice Huw Smith

University of Stirling
Mentor: Professor Ian Simpson
Human ecodynamics in the Norse North Atlantic - Myvatnssveit, northern Iceland (PDF) 


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