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Meet the Gap Scholars

Each year we award gap year scholarships to young geographers who might not have considered or been able to afford to travel overseas on a gap year. Each gap scholarship is worth up to £4,000 which can fund travel, accommodation and the costs of a placement such as a conservation project, an expedition or a cultural exchange.

Students receive expert guidance from the Society and are mentored by geography undergraduates to help plan a meaningful gap experience which will positively impact on their future studies and career.

See below to find out what previous Gap Scholars have done and what this year's intake are planning to do.


Meet the scholars
Check out our Meet the scholar interview
with Emily Hargreaves 


Arif Hussain
Arif Hussain, 2014-2015
Spent one month in Tanzania doing some volunteering, going on safari and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Is also planning a second trip to China to volunteer as a TEFL teacher.

Arif's Blog

Grace Simkins
Grace Simkins, 2014-2015
Is travelling independently through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Will then spend a month in India volunteering on a women's empowerment project.

William Parker
William Parker, 2014-2015
Interested in climate change and its impacts. Plans to travel to Iceland to do some conservation-related volunteering and independent hiking.

Emma Hulland
Emma Hulland, 2014-2015
Is taking part in a 5 week community project in Fiji before travelling independently through New Zealand for two months.

Theo Smith
Theo Smith, 2014-2015
Is spending two months volunteering and adventuring in Borneo before travelling independently in Australia and New Zealand for three months.

Theo's blog

Soraya Kebbouche
Soraya Kebbouche, 2014-2015
Interested in development, would like to visit South America and Asia.

Alexandra Sears
Alexandra Sears, 2014-2015
Is volunteering in an orphanage in Cambodia, teaching English and working on health and social care projects.

Lexi's blog

Jack Warriner
Jack Warriner, 2014-2015
Is volunteering on a conservation project in Peru for four weeks then spending ten weeks independently travelling in Peru and Bolivia.

 Ellie Geare   Ellie Geare, 2014-2015
Is spending six months travelling independently through New Zealand and Australia.


Andre Clacken-Lewin
Andre Clacken-Lewin, 2014-15
Is spending 9 months travelling independently through south America from Argentina to Mexico and finishing in Cuba.

Andre's blog

Conor Campbell, 2014-2015
Is spending 2 months in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore then four months in Australia doing paid farm work and travelling.

Conor's blog

Amy Wood
Amy Wood, 2014-2015
Is taking part in a 5 week community project in Fiji before travelling independently for six weeks in Australia, a month in Thailand and 3 weeks in China.

Amy's blog

Jerrylyn Saguiped
Jerrylyn Saguiped, 2014-2015
Is spending 10 weeks on an overland tour from Kenya - South Africa followed by 3 months of independent travel in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. 

Jerrylyn's blog 

Marcella Cilia
Marcella Cilia, 2014-2015
Is spending six months      completing an internship with the US Geological Survey in California.

Will Allman
Will Allman, 2014-2015
Is spending ten months travelling independently and volunteering in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Will's Twitter feed

Gap scholar Victoria Adeyi
Victoria Adeyi, 2013-2014
Volunteering on a community development project in Fiji then travelling in New Zealand.
Victoria's blog »

Gap Scholar Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans, 2012-2013
Researched into permafrost in Alaska and independent travel through the west coast of USA.
More details (PDF) »
Daniel's blog »

Gap Scholar Lynn Munro
Lynn Munro, 2009-2010
Currently at Sirling University, Lynn volunteered on wildlife reserves in South Africa.
More details (PDF) »
Lynn's blog »

Gap scholar Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson, 2013-2014
Internship at US Geological Survey in USA and travel to Hong Kong and New Zealand.
Andrew's blog »

Gap scholar Angela Rose
Angela Rose, 2013-2014
Spent 3 months volunteering in Tanzania then 1.5months volunteering in Peru.

Gap scholar April Blair
April Blair, 2013-2014
Elephant conservation volunteer in Thailand and independent travel to The Philippines.

More details (PDF)

Gap scholar Matthew Churm
Matthew Churm, 2013-2014
Travelled to USA and Sicily.


More details (PDF)

Comfort Enoch-Moye, 2013-14
Spent 3 months volunteering in a children's refuge in Peru and independently travelling.

More details (PDF)

Evie Hawker, 2014-2015
Spent 3 months volunteering and travelling in Ecuador followed by 2 months volunteering in Malaysia and the Maldives.
Evie's blog 

Gap scholar George Smith
George Smith, 2013-2014
Six week solo trek through the Adirondack Mountains, USA, followed possibly by a trip to Holland.

George's blog:  

Georgia Murphy, 2013-2014
Spent 2 months volunteering on a project in Tanzania then 3.5 months travelling independently through India and Nepal.

More detail (PDF)

James Totton, 2013-2014
Internship investigating the effects of climate refugees in Bangladesh and independent travel in Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

More details (PDF)

Jonathan Fry, 2012-2013
Spent 3 months volunteering on a community project in Nepal.

More details (PDF)

Gap Scholar Lorna Burnell
Lorna Burnell, 2012-2013
Travelled in Iceland, New Zealand, Australia and Cambodia
More details (PDF) »
Lorna's blog »

Gap Scholar Abi Ridley
Abi Ridley, 2012-2013
Explored her heritage in India and undertook voluntary work.
More details (PDF) » 

Gap Scholar Tara Wales
Tara Wales, 2012-2013
Travelled in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and New Zealand to further her understanding of development.
More details (PDF) »

Gap Scholar Joshua Nimmins
Joshua Nimmins, 2012-2013
Volunteered in USA on water conservation and disability programmes.
Joshua's blog »

Gap Scholar Daniel Crewe
Daniel Crewe, 2012-2013
Travelled through central and eastern Europe and to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.
More details (PDF) »

Gap Scholar Amar Jilka
Amar Jilka, 2012-2013
Undertook an internship in China and voluntary work in Peru.
More details (PDF) »

Gap Scholar Emily Marsh
Emily Marsh, 2012-2013
Travel and teaching in India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
More details (PDF) »

Gap Scholar Jemimah Larbi
Jemimah Larbi, 2012-2013
Teaching English in China then travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.
More details (PDF) »
Jemimah's blog »

Gap scholar Nia Rees
Nia Rees, 2012-2013
Travelled to Peru to learn Spanish and volunteer with young people.
More details (PDF) »
Nia's blog »

Gap Scholar Torquil Hall
Torquil Hall, 2012-2013
Cycled 2640 miles around the North Sea to see the Fjords and glaciated areas.
More details (PDF) »

Gap Scholar Emma Crewsdon
Emma Crewdson, 2012-2013
Geophysics work experience in Singapore and Malaysia and travel in Australia and New Zealand.
More details (PDF)

Gap scholar Amy Donaldson
Amy Donaldson, 2011-2012
Visited volcanic regions in St Vincent and Sicily.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Amy Bennett
Amy Bennett, 2011-2012
Undertook conservation in Cambodia and Costa Rica.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Denzel Johnson
Denzel Johnson, 2011-2012
Travelled and volunteered in the Americas over his gap year.
Denzel's blog »
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Jade Dyer
Jade Dyer, 2011-2012
Travelled on an overland tour through USA.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Sophie Garrett
Sophie Garrett, 2011-2012
Took an overland tour through South America.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Jake Shah
Jake Shah, 2011-2012
Travelled in Austria, Turkey and Cuba.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Rowan Blackmore
Rowan Blackmore, 2011-2012
Conservation and travel in New Zealand, Chile and USA.
More details (PDF) »
Rowan's blog »

Gap scholar Siobhan Totterdale
Siobhan Totterdale, 2011-2012
Travel, work and volunteering in Japan, Australia and USA.
More details (PDF) »
Siobhan's blog »

Gap scholar Emma Byhurst
Emma Byhurst, 2011-2012
Taught in Malawi and worked in a summer camp in USA.
More details (PDF) »

Gap Scholar Nathan Carlton
Nathan Carlton, 2010-2011
Undertook conservation work and travel in New Zealand.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Samantha Armstrong
Samantha Armstrong, 2010-11
Toured overland through Africa, volunteering and travelling in South America.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Rosie Ryan
Rosie Ryan, 2010-2011
Worked in Australia and travelled in New Zealand and USA.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Rebecca Pearce
Rebecca Pearce, 2010-2011
Undertook a conservation project in Costa Rica.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Rebekah Akingbala
Rebekah Akingbala, 2010-2011
Took a french course and travelled in Canada.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Sophie Wild
Sophie Wild, 2010-2011
Volunteered on a turtle conservation project in Kenya.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Sean Cox
Sean Cox, 2010-2011
Travelled in South America and undertook a community building project in Peru.
More details (PDF) »
Sean's blog »

Gap Scholar John Nguyen
John Nguyen, 2010-2011
Travelled in South America, undertaking community construction project in Peru.
More details (PDF) »
John's blog »

Gap Scholar Stuart Fielding
Stuart Fielding, 2010-2011
Undertook conservation projects, paid work and independent travel in Australia.

More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Shannon Salisbury
Shannon Salisbury, 2010-2011
Volunteered in a Moroccan orphanage, travelled in Hong Kong, Australia and Fiji.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Matt Slater
Matt Slater, 2010-2011
Travelled to Norway, worked as a language assistant in Spain and interrailed in Europe.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Elizabeth Garrard
Elizabeth Garrard, 2010-2011 
Worked in Australia, travelled in New Zealand and an overland tour of South America.

Gap Scholar Emily Hargreaves
Emily Hargreaves, 2010-2011
Volunteered in a Hong Kong school, travelled in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Thailand.
More details (PDF) »

Gap Scholar Tom Unsworth
Thomas Unsworth, 2010-2011
Volunteered on a conservation project in Ecuadorian Amazon, and travelled in South America.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Ruth Van Tongeren
Ruth Van Tongeren, 2009-2010
Undertook voluntary work in a USA National Park and travelled through USA.
More details (PDF) »
Ruth's blog »

Gap scholar Alina Khan
Alina Khan, 2009-2010
Studied at a South Korean university.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Alan Nicholls
Alan Nicholls, 2009-2010
Lived with a hill tribe in Thailand and travelled to Cambodia.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Chris Jones
Chris Jones, 2009-2010
Took part in a marine research project in Indonesia.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Claire Andrews
Claire Andrews, 2009-2010
Volunteered on USA National Park, travel in Australia and Fiji.
More details (PDF) »

Claire's blog »

Gap scholar Victoria Benjafield
Victoria Benjafield, 2009-2010
Community development work in Fiji, travel to Australia and USA.
More details (PDF) »
Victoria's blog » 

Gap scholar Robert Murray
Robert Murray, 2009-2010
Taught in a Chinese school, travelled to Australia and Thailand.
More details (PDF) »
Robert's blog »

Gap scholar Courtney Groves
Courtney Groves, 2009-2010
Volunteer in Uganda, toured Africa, conservation in Australia and work in New Zealand.
More details (PDF) »
Courtney's blog »

Gap scholar Peter Holland
Peter Holland, 2008-2009
Took part in a GIS project on a wildlife reserve in South Africa.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Ed Pethick
Ed Pethick, 2008-2009
Joined a sustainable community project in New Zealand.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Annys Mackintosh
Annys Mackintosh,2008-2009
Joined a grassroots conservation project in New Zealand.
More details (PDF) »

Gap scholar Annabelle Wilson
Annabelle Wilson, 2008-2009
Natural hazard research in New Zealand and Japan.
More details (PDF) »
Annabelle's blog »

Gap scholar Mark Kittle
Mark Kittle, 2008-2009
Expedition to Svalbard, Arctic undertaking glacial geormorphology research.
More details (PDF) »
Mark's blog »

Dene Bowdalo
Dene Bowdalo, 2008-2009
Travelled around Europe and Australia.
More details (PDF) »



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