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Pre-expedition medical planning
Field Medicine
Medical problems of environmental extremes

Field Medicine

This information is taken from:

RGS-IBG Expedition Medicine Manual
David Warrell and Sarah Anderson (ed.) Profile Books 2002. 398pp. ISBN 1 86197 434-5.

Important note: This book was published in 2002 so some of the information may now have been revised and most importantly the recommended drugs may also have changed. The latest advice can be found in the Oxford Handbook of Expedition Medicine, 2nd Edition, 2015.

Section 2: Field Medicine gives advice on how to deal with some of the medical problems encountered during an expedition.

The following PDF files are the Field Medicine section chapters:

9   The role of the expedition medical officer 
10  Base camp hygiene and health
11  Water purification
12  Assessment of the injured or ill patient 
13  First aid and management of minor injuries 
14  Management of the seriously injured casualty
15  Remote medical emergencies
16  Casualty evacuation
17  Medical aspects of survival
18  Common infections
19  Malaria and other tropical diseases
20  Venomous and poisonous animals
21  Psychological problems on expeditions
22  Expedition dentistry

· 9 Role of medic PDF
· 10 Camp hygiene PDF
· 11 Water purification PDF
· 12 Assessment of the injured or ill PDF
· 13 First aid PDF
· 14 Managing the seriously injured PDF
· 15 Remote medical emergencies PDF
· 16 Casualty evacuation PDF
· 17 Medical aspects of survival PDF
· 18 Common infections PDF
· 19 Malaria and other tropical diseases PDF
· 20 Venomous and poisonous animals PDF
· 21 Psychological problems PDF
· 22 Expedition dentisty PDF

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