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GIS, GPS and remote sensing

Field Techniques Manual

Authors: N. McWilliam, R. Teeuw, M. Whiteside and P. Zukowskyj, 2005

GISci can be an invaluable tool within field research. This manual provides details of fieldwork techniques, from compass surveying to GPS locating, helping you to make use of GISci within your research.

 Download the manual or purchase a copy by completing a publications order form (PDF). Cost: £15 including postage and packing

 A version in Indonesian (PDF) is also available



Bullet Introduction and contents (PDF)

Bullet GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Fieldwork (PDF)

Bullet The Geographical Framework (PDF)

Bullet Geographical Information Systems (GIS) (PDF)


Bullet GIS Database Mechanics (PDF)

Bullet Remote Sensing (PDF)

Bullet The Global Positioning System (GPS): Principles and Concepts (PDF)


Bullet GISci Analysis (PDF)

Bullet Image Interpretation and Processing (PDF)

Bullet Geocorrection and Photogrammetry (PDF)

Bullet Traditional Surveying (PDF)

Bullet Using GPS for Fieldwork (PDF)

Bullet Colour plates 1 to 20 (PDF)

Planning and Practicalities

Bullet Project Planning and Management (PDF)

Bullet Field Equipment (PDF)

Bullet GISci Software (PDF)

Bullet Completing the Project (PDF)

Bullet GISci Applications (PDF)

Bullet Case Studies (PDF)

Bullet Colour plates 21 to 32 (PDF)


Bullet Sample Field Data Collection Form (PDF)

Bullet Worked Example using GPS (PDF)

Bullet World Register of Field Centres (PDF)

Bullet Buyer’s Guide to GPS units (PDF)

Bullet References and Bibliography (PDF)

Bullet Web addresses for remote sensing (PDF)

Bullet GISci Glossary (PDF)

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