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Family history, place and diaspora

RGS-IBG - Chandan Mahal (September 2014 start; Queen Mary, University of London; PI Professor Alison Blunt)

Reminiscence workshop, Crossing Continents: Connecting Communities projectThe studentship will develop an intergenerational methodology to study family history, place and diaspora in the RGS-IBG collections.

The research will explore the relationships between family history and community heritage in diaspora, focusing on those who migrated to post-war Britain. Through participatory research with the maps, photographs, objects and documents held in the archives and collections at the RGS-IBG, alongside participants’ own photographs, letters and possessions, the research will explore the significance of places of ancestral residence, departure, journeys, settlement, networks and return in diasporic family history. The research will make a distinctive contribution to broader debates about the relationships between family and diaspora, family and community history, and diaspora and place, as well as the analysis of public and personal archives and collections in diaspora. In addition new  resources will be developed to inspire and facilitate family history at the RGS-IBG for a wide range of individuals and community groups.

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