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The indigenous map: native information, ethnographic object, artefact of encounter

RGS-IBG - Joy Slappnig (September 2016 start; Royal Holloway, University of London: PI Professor Felix Driver)

'A native Indian chart of the coast of Arabia and the Red Sea' [1835] (S0013726)

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) holds one of the largest private map collections in the world, amongst which are a significant number of manuscript maps; this project seeks to evaluate the extent of Indigenous contribution to this collection, and to explore the historical significance of “Indigenous maps” as sources of geographical information, as ethnographic objects, and as artefacts of encounter. The project will consider questions of definition and approach to the Indigenous map, and it will study the contexts in which such maps were acquired by or donated to the Society, and how they were subsequently used within the activities of the Society (including its journals and lectures).

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