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Alfred Steers Essay Prize winners

Alfred SteersThe Alfred Steers Essay Prize is awarded for the best undergraduate dissertation in a UK geography department.

The prize is named in honour of Professor Alfred Steers, who was Professor at Cambridge for seventeen years and was Honorary Vice President, Honorary Fellow, and medallist of this Society.


All dates refer to the year each dissertation was submitted. Prizes were presented during the summer of the following year:

  • 2012 Will Rosser (University of Bristol) - Hydrochemical and Hydrological profiling of Leverett Glacier, Greenland
  • 2011 S Devall (University of Birmingham) - 'I ain't goin in there. Everyone'll think I'm a girl!'; The Gendered Geographies of a Reception classroom
  • 2010 F Hinks (University of Sheffield) - The modification of the urban climate by small parks in Sheffield, UK
  • 2009 Two awards given: L Stapleton (University of Cambridge) - From Local Buzz to Global Pipelines: A Question of Firm Maturity. J Jenkinson (University of Southampton) - An Exposé of the Critically Endangered Palm Dypsis saintelucei Endemicto the Littoral Forest Mosaic of South East Madagascar
  • 2008 H Dinsdale (Lancaster University) - Bodies, Homes and Institutions: Constructed and Contested Identities at the End of the Lifecourse
  • 2007 H Wright (University of Oxford) - The avifaunal biogeography of the Blackdown Hills, England: A comparative evaluation of incidence functions
  • 2006 G Jennings (St Mary's College) - The Production of Nationalist Iconography in O'Connell Street: A Study of Dublin's Monumental Landscape
  • 2005 C Parks (University of Manchester) - Category C call misuse: low priority, high cost? Greater Manchester Ambulance Service
  • 2004 L Pitcher (University College London) - It's bringing it all back...Exploring (re)representation and epiphany in gap-year material culture
  • 2003 Two awards given: G Schumann (Dundee University) - Application of a degree-day model on a Swiss glacierised catchment to determine snow depth for improved neural network discharge forecast. K Hann (University of Oxford) - The production of Broughton Park: contexualising Lefebvre in an Orthodox Jewish Community
  • 2002 Two awards given: A Lewis (University of Durham) - An investigation into the transfer and use of agricultural information in an Indian farming community. G Davies (University of Edinburgh) - Light pollution as an environmental hazard
  • 2001 S Wall-Budden (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • 2000 Two awards given: F Morton, (University of Strathclyde) - Galway city and the music of place. K Wilson, (University of Edinburgh) - The spatial variability of nitrogen dioxide in Mumbai, India
  • 1999 N Rosser (Durham University) - A flume investigation into the influence of rock fragments on scour and deposition characteristics
  • 1998 Two awards given: J Ballard (University of Oxford) – The mobility and morphology of Barchan sand dunes. A Millard-Ball (Edinburgh University) - Gentrification in Stockholm: Social change, tenure change and residential mobility in a mixed economy
  • 1997 Two awards given: S Selby (University of Edinburgh) - Assessment of Effects of Mennonite Agriculture in Wetland Ecology.  D Johnson (University of Cambridge) - The Norwegian Open Air Folk Museum and its role in the preservation and representation of past Scandinavian Cultures
  • 1996 R Perkins (University of Oxford) - Environmental impact assessment of a woodland buffer strip project in the Slapton catchment, South Devon
  • 1995 Two awards given: A Mallett (University College Durham) - Equal at Last? A time-space analysis of the life-styles of a group of predominantly older male and female academics. A Manning (University of Edinburgh) - The effect of Roman occupation on vegetation in the north British frontier zone: a palynological study of ditch deposits at Vindolanda Roman Fort, Northumberland
  • 1994 S Black (Roehampton Institute, London) - Resource Management: a Study of Potential Conflicts between Human Activity and Natural Vegetation in the Sonoran Desert
  • 1993 R Dils (University of Sheffield) - Vegetation succession and the associated pedalogical changes in reclaimed chalk quarry
  • 1992 T E Coles (University of Exeter) - The historical geography of retailing in Kassel: 1873-1900
  • 1991 S N Lane (University of Cambridge) - An evaluation of how short-term changes in channel morphology relate to the hydraulics of flow through the braided reach of a gravel-bedded proglacial stream
  • 1990 J Rasey (University of Exeter) - The impact of residential development upon the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • 1989 L Osmond (Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London) - Late Enclosure on the Welsh Borderland
  • 1988 B Brown (Coventry Polytechnic) - The distribution and behaviour of Icebergs on the South Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean
  • 1987 T Dawson-Munoz (University of Oxford) - Dirt Ogives on the Mer de Glace
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