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New lecturer's toolkit for geography, earth and environmental sciences

Resources and ideas for academics who would like to develop their teaching skills in higher education geography, earth and environmental sciences (GEES), from the teaching workshop held in November 2016.

College students with tablets (c) Jisc CCBYNCND

The Society delivered a workshop in November 2016 on teaching in geography, earth and environmental sciences for early-career academics, in partnership with The Institution of Environmental Sciences, The Geological Society, and the British Society for Geomorphology.

Workshop resources

Resources and ideas from that workshop are below. Click on the links below to download PDF of slides and any other supporting resources from the workshop.

Workshop sessions

(Sessions 3 and 8, Explore your teaching, had no presentations or resources)

Other resources

Publications and support networks for teaching in GEES

QAA Subject Benchmark Statements for GEES disciplines

The benchmarking statements for Geography, and for Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies (ES3) have been developed as a means for the discipline community to describe the nature and characteristics of programmes in specific subjects. They also represent general expectations about the standards for the award of qualifications at a given level and articulate the attributes and capabilities that those possessing such qualifications should be able to demonstrate.

They can be used as a source of reference for HE institutions when new programmes are being developed and for guidance for articulating the learning outcomes associated with the programme. They have also been written to provide for variety and flexibility in the design of these programmes and encourage innovation within an agreed overall framework.

Pedagogical journals


THE GEES Network 
A blog and discussion group for academics in Geography, Earth and Environmental Science to share information and have conversations about teaching and education.

Higher Education Research Group 
A forum for the discussion of issues concerning higher education and geography within the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), the group is active in promoting pedagogic research and developing the links between teaching and research.

The Geological Society Higher Education Network 
A network to discuss and develop best practice across a range of shared interests, including: geoscience pedagogy and curriculum development; student skills; knowledge transfer and wider linkages.

INLT, the International Network for Learning and Teaching in Geography
A networking aiming to improve the quality and status of learning and teaching of geography in higher education internationally.

National Association of Geoscience Teachers 
Teaching activities, course descriptions, teaching techniques, career resources and more, including peer-reviewed geoscience activities (rated by goal, activity, assessment, effectiveness, robustness and completeness).

Cutting Edge
A professional development program for academics teaching geoscience brings together workshops, websites, and research activities to support highest quality undergraduate geoscience education.


The workshop was delivered with support from:

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