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Physical systems

Are you fascinated by the natural environment? Do you enjoy being out in the field studying landforms and researching the processes that have formed them?

Geographers explain and understand the world’s weather, oceans, biospheres and landscapes and the way our environment is shaped by wind, water, ice and tectonic activity.

To work in this area, geography graduates undertake research and postgraduate qualifications, such as an MA or PhD.

This higher education develops skills in analysis, report writing and ICT required in this career area.

Many of the roles listed below involve explaining complex physical processes to non-specialists, so the ability to explain these in an accessible way is valuable.

Managing environmental projects require that you are always able to see the big picture whilst keeping an eye on details.

  • Coastal engineer
  • Soil conservationist
  • Hydrologist
  • Earth scientist
  • Weather forecaster
  • Hazard prediction and management
  • Flood protection manager
  • Pollution analyst
  • Risk assessor
  • Weather presenter
  • Water supply coordinator

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