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The Bromley fieldwork network started with a whole day fieldwork CPD event for teachers at the Bromley Environmental Education Centre at High Elms (BEECHE) in January 2009.


Teachers from twelve schools attended, and despite the January temperatures, the majority of the day was spent outside in High Elms Country Park, actively participating in fieldwork.

The morning session was led by Gyles Morris, (at that time) Director of the Magdalen Project in Chard, Somerset. The session focused on a range of new ideas for developing a sense of place through qualitative and quantitative fieldwork in the school grounds and local area. Focusing mainly on Key Stage 3, it offered teachers many flexible activities that they could adapt to suit their own requirements.

Download some of the activities from the morning session:

In the afternoon, Sue Houghton and Katie Scanlan, education officers at BEECHE, led a fieldwork project typical of the types of activity offered to secondary school groups by the centre. The investigation focused on the impacts of a proposed developed on the biodiversity of habitats in High Elms Country Park. In particular, a comparison was made of the biodiversity of two lakes in different parts of the site. Linkages were also made to the bid for World Heritage Site status that has been made for Darwin's Landscape Laboratory, an area encompassing High Elms Country Park

Find out more about the Darwin's Landscape Laboratory World Heritage nomination.

Bromley pupil day

Following the initial teacher fieldwork CPD event, a twilight session was held during which plans were made for a pupil day to be held at BEECHE in February 2009. Key Stage Three students from seven schools in the area attended the day-long pupil event, during which they participated (in mixed school groups) in activities similar to those trialled by the teachers the previous month.

During the day, the pupils were encouraged to imagine that they were members of the World Heritage Committee, and that they were deciding whether to designate High Elms Country Park as a World Heritage Site. They spent the morning getting to know the site through a series of sense of place activities, after which they worked in groups to develop and market a product that represented their first impressions of High Elms and that they thought would encourage other people to visit. That product was a High Elms perfume.

In the afternoon session, pupils investigated the environmental value (biodiversity) of one of High Elms' key habitats: the pond. Through pond dipping activities, they looked for evidence that the pond should be conserved. They used this, alongside their experiences from the morning session, to make a decision as to whether High Elms should be designated a World Heritage Site.

As a final activity to close the day, the pupils had to imagine that they were standing in front of the World Heritage Committee, and come up with one statement that they would use to sum up the reasons why High Elms should be made a World Heritage Site.

  • Timetable for the Bromley pupil day PDF | MSWORD
  • People bingo ice breaker activity PDF | MSWORD

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