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Planning a fieldtrip?

When planning your fieldtrip there are many things to consider:

  • Where are you going to go?
  • What will be the aims and objectives of the trip?
  • What procedures do you have to follow?
  • How will you staff the trip?
  • What activities will the students do?
  • And many more

We aim to help you organise your fieldtrip planning. Find ideas and resources to engage your students in fieldwork activities that are fun and at the same time highlight the relevance of geographical learning to our daily lives.

Real World Learning

Topics and themes

Progression with fieldwork

The Real World Learning campaign will help get you started:

To help you with your fieldwork planning, our resources have been organised according to their geographical subject content. Access the fieldwork topics and themes pages to select resources for both human and physical geography fieldwork, and to locate activities that focus on developing your students' geographical skills.

Staff at FSC Brockhole have developed a framework for progression in fieldwork (PDF), suggesting when different skills and concepts could be introduced to fieldwork studies from Key Stage 1 to AS/A2. It forms a useful template for planning your fieldwork programme.

Useful resources

Follow up first

Students planning fieldwork

Download a list of useful fieldwork resources (PDF) to help you develop your fieldwork programme.

This presentation (PDF), written by Nick Lapthorn, Head of the Juniper Hall FSC Centre, highlights the importance of ensuring that you know what your students are going to do with their data before they collect it.

Sophie Macdowall, Head of Geography at Guildford High School, has contributed this planning sheet (PPT) which her students complete before undertaking thier individual study. It encourages them to think through the whole fieldwork project before they start.



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