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Coastal erosion
British migration to rural France
China and North Korea
Glacial change
Employment in Britain
Digital mapping
Public space
Superpower geographies
Food globalisation
The impact of London 2012
South Sudan
Millennium Development Goals
Volcanoes and volcanology
Climatic Systems
Jurassic Coast
Met Office
Japanese earthquake and tsunami
Geophysical Global Events (GGEs)
Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)
Fair Trade
Urban climatology
Identity and citizenship
Ocean acidification
Meteorological forecasting
Global energy security
Shipping and globalisation
Sustainable agriculture
Antarctic glaciers
Energy in China
Environmental Risk in the Urban South
ICT and development
Production networks and trade
The Making of Geographies of Manufacturing
The Quipu Project
Unconventional oil and gas

Geography in the News »

Ask the experts

Explore the growing series of interviews and questions and answers (Q&As) from leading geographical experts and practitioners on a variety of topics that are available on the Geography in the News website.

Topics range from Geophysical Global Events and GIS for disaster management to urban climatology and ocean acidification.

Latest interviews

Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva Michael Bradshaw Production networks and trade
Inequality »
Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva

Unconventional oil and gas »
Michael Bradshaw

Production networks and trade »
Shamel Azmeh

Karen Tucker Thomas Birtchnell Energy in China

The Quipu Project »
Karen Tucker

Geographies of manufacturing »
Thomas Birtchnall

Energy in China »
Guy Leung

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