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Online CPD: Fieldwork

Fieldwork techniques

Information and instructions for a range of techniques that can be used by students to carry out geographical fieldwork investigations in different locations and settings. These resources can be used by teachers as a teaching aid, and also by students to assist with revision.

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.

Fieldwork safety

Staff at the Field Studies Council's Brockhole Centre in the Lake District National Park give advice to teachers planning fieldwork.

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.

Local fieldwork toolkit

The aim of this resource is to provide a framework for local fieldwork for Key Stage 3. It includes guidance for getting started with planning a trip, lists of useful contacts and ideas for activities.

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.

Fieldwork CPD network resources

Find out more about the activities of our fieldwork networks and see resources from previous CPD events.

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.

Presenting the importance of fieldwork to your senior management

Authors: Lawrence Collins CGeog and Tim Bayliss CGeog, Lincoln Minster School

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.

Learning outside the classroom

On 28th November 2006, the government launched the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto which set out the vision of enabling every young person to experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of their learning and personal development.

The Key Stage Three teaching modules currently hosted on the RGS-IBG website provide a wide range of opportunities to link the classroom teaching and learning with learning outside the classroom - some of the ideas relate to students carrying out short pieces of individual work perhaps as a homework activity, whilst others are suitable for group and class work requiring anything from a lesson to a full day in the local community. If fieldwork visits are possible at KS3 to more distant locations, then the opportunities are even greater to link in with a wider variety of the teaching modules. Inevitably, what you are able to plan and do will depend on the community and settlement where the school is located.

Funded by the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography.

Fieldwork strategies

Aims of this module:

  • To support teachers' understanding of the purposes of geographical fieldwork and to highlight the outcomes of fieldwork experiences for pupils
  • To engage teachers in reflection on a range of fieldwork strategies in order that the quality of teaching and learning in the field is improved

Funded by the TDA

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