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Valuing Place: the RSA Heritage Index

Valuing Place: the RSA Heritage Index

December 2016

What connects people to places? Experience of place is shaped by the physical nature of a place and memories and histories around sites of personal and shared interest

Broadly, this can be understood under the banner of heritage. In 2015 the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA), in conjunction with the Heritage Lottery Fund, announced for the first time, the launch of the Heritage Index. Through this research the RSA reveal how cultural assets and activities shape places for the people living there, and how these experiences can be used for future place making and marketing. The index is comprised of over 120 indicators, with local data available for 390 local authority areas across the UK’s four nations. The RSA hope to ‘give people a richer understanding of their place, so that they are inspired to get involved in shaping their place in the future’.


AQA A Level
Changing places (changing places – relationships, connections, meaning and representation)
Contemporary urban environments (urbanisation, urban forms, social and economic issues associated with urban environments)
Population and the environment (environment and population, environment, health and wellbeing)

OCR A level
Changing spaces, making places (understanding place and placemaking processes; economic change and spatial inequality; key plays in economic change)
Future of Food (production and the physical environment)

Edexcel A level
Regenerating Places (regenerating places, local place study, management of regeneration)
Diverse places (demographic and cultural tensions, managing cultural tensions in place)

Contemporary themes in geography (economic growth and challenge)

In the Members' Area:

  • What is the Heritage Index?
  • Where are the heritage hotspots in the UK?
  • Open data? How the Heritage Index was made
  • What can we learn about the value of place through the RSA Heritage Index?
  • What is excluded from this index?

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