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Antarctic Glaciers: Pine Island

February 2014

In January 2014 new research revealed that Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica was much more susceptible to climate change and ocean variability than previously thought

Antarctic glaciers: Pine Island

Scientists have identified Pine Island Glacier as the most rapidly shrinking glacier on the planet and have suggested that it is contributing to sea level rise faster than any other glacier on the planet.


This case study will be useful for those studying glacial systems and processes, as well as those studying the relevance of monitoring glacial change in relation to climate change. It is particularly relevant to the following specifications:

AQA: Unit 1 Physical and Human Geography – Cold Environments

Edexcel : Unit 1 Global challenge – climate change and retreating glaciers; Unit 4 Geographical research – distinctive landforms and processes

IB: Part 2 Optional Themes Extreme Environments

OCR: F761 Managing Physical Environments – Cold Environments

Pre-U: Component 2 Global Environments Section A Glacial Environments

WJEC: Unit G1 Changing Physical Environments Theme 1 Investigating Climate change, Theme 2 Landforms and Management

In the Members' Area:

  • About Pine Island
  • Glaciers and sea level change
  • A rift in the ice
  • Glacial change
  • Researching Pine Island Glacier

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