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Sustainable urban communities and young people

Sustainable urban communities and young people

Dr Sophie Hadfield Hill and Professor Peter Kraftl

Dr Sophie Hadfield Hill is known for her research into urban space, sustainable communities and how they intersect with children and young people’s everyday lives. More recently, these themes have been explored in the content of newly emerging economies, such as India.

You can follow Sophie on Twitter @HadfieldHill

Professor Peter Kraftl is well known for his research on the everyday lives of children, including the geographies of education and architecture. He is currently Editor of the journals Area and Children’s Geographies.

You can follow Peter on Twitter @peterkraftl

What are sustainable urban communities and how do these spaces interact with the everyday lives of young people? We discuss young people’s experience of changing places with Dr Sophie Hadfield Hill and Professor Peter Kraftl from the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

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