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The climate forecast

October 2012

Between July 2011 and July 2012, a series of extreme weather events left many people asking: is there a link with climate change? And what progress are we making in tackling climate change?

This article profiles extremes of weather recently experienced in, amongst other places, the UK, USA and Horn of Africa. We explore how new ground-breaking research into ‘event attribution’ has concluded that the risk of re-occurrence for some of these weather phenomena has significantly increased due to climate change. This article also examines greenhouse gas trends for the world’s biggest polluters (countries whose emissions play a disproportionate role in creating new climate risks, according to prevailing scientific wisdom). Finally, some research suggestions are provided for students interested in finding out more about contemporary climate change mitigation strategies and their progress to date.


This report has been prepared for students sitting GCSE, AS/A2 or Diploma examinations that contain a Climate Change or Energy component.

In the Members' Area:

  • Climate change, extreme weather events and the science of ‘event attribution’
  • Anthropogenic influences on climate change: an emissions update
  • Researching climate change mitigation (research suggestions for students)
  • References

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